¿Qué? podcast, S04E1: New government in Spain, and failed heist at French palace

This week we talk about Pedro Sánchez being voted back in as prime minister, and the unlikely story of an infamous Spanish ram-raider who was hired by the Chinese mafia to steal precious artworks


PM announces pension hike, defends prosecutor general pick after first Cabinet meeting

Speaking to reporters, Pedro Sánchez said that he now has “no reservations” about the leader of his coalition partner Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, despite statements he made last year


Spain’s public prosecutors uneasy about government’s pick for prosecutor general

Critics warns that naming ex-Justice Minister Dolores Delgado to the top role jeopardizes the judiciary’s image of impartiality


Spain’s new Cabinet is sworn in before King Felipe VI

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, one of the new deputy prime ministers, called on social movements to “not stop criticizing us, not stop pressuring us” while in power


Spain’s far-right Vox stages marches against “traitor” PM Pedro Sánchez

The third-largest force in Congress says the Socialist leader is betraying the nation over his deal with Catalan separatists, who endorsed his government in exchange for talks


Trickle of Cabinet announcements creates unease among Spain’s new coalition partners

The disclosure that PM Pedro Sánchez will have a fourth deputy in charge of environmental affairs came as a surprise to Unidas Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias


PM, Catalan premier agree to meet to lay out groundwork for Catalonia talks

A day after being sworn back into office, Pedro Sánchez calls Quim Torra and states that he has “the sincere will to try to sort out the political conflict” in the northeastern Spanish region


In Spain, opposition vows to fight new executive every step of the way

The leader of the conservative Popular Party withdraws earlier offers of support, saying that PM Pedro Sánchez has left the country “in the hands of terrorists and coup plotters”


Spain’s new PM mulls Cabinet lineup ahead of thorny political term

Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party will lead the first coalition government in recent democratic history after securing parliamentary backing by a razor-thin margin of two votes


Spain gets a new PM, but what can he push through parliament?

Given the arithmetic in Congress and stated intentions of opposition parties, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is facing a term that is likely to be beset by problems from the start


Catalan separatists give green light to new Socialist government in Spain

The national council of the Catalan Republican Left has agreed to abstain at the investiture vote of Pedro Sánchez, who will likely become prime minister once more on Tuesday


Pedro Sánchez’s investiture debate to take place on January 4, 5 and 7

The caretaker prime minister will need to secure an absolute majority at the first vote or a simple majority at the second if his bid to get back into office is to prosper


Spain a step closer to having a government as PSOE, ERC finalize deal

The Socialist Party and the Catalan Republican Left have been negotiating for weeks in order to secure the latter’s abstention at an investiture debate that could see Pedro Sánchez voted back in as prime minister


Spanish Congress prepares for possible end-of-year investiture vote

As the Socialist Party and Catalan Republican Left get closer to a deal to get Pedro Sánchez sworn back into office, lawmakers are asked to stay near Madrid in case they need to rush back from holidays


Negotiations over Spanish PM’s investiture enter final phase

Despite a public clash, the Socialist Party and the separatist Catalan Republican Left continue to talk about a possible abstention that would allow Pedro Sánchez to be sworn into office

Spanish politics

Spain’s caretaker PM reaches out to more nationalist parties for support

For the first time, Pedro Sánchez will meet with the Catalan anti-capitalist CUP and with the Basque far-left EH Bildu in a bid to get confirmed in office and avoid a third general election

Spanish politics

In gridlocked Spain, caretaker PM explores an unlikely Plan B

Pedro Sánchez is meeting with leaders of right-of-center parties to determine their willingness to endorse him if his deal with a Catalan separatist party ultimately fails


Spain’s King Felipe calls on Pedro Sánchez to form a new government

After a round of meetings with political leaders, the monarch has proposed the Socialist Party chief as the candidate with the best chance of being sworn in as prime minister


Spain’s King Felipe begins new round of meetings with party leaders

After another inconclusive election, the Socialist Party’s prime ministerial candidate, Pedro Sánchez, says he will only submit to a congressional vote if he has enough support


¿Qué? podcast, S03E10: Scuffles in Congress and Spain’s ‘narco-submarine’

This week we discuss the antics inside the lower house when newly elected lawmakers were sworn into their roles, and how a submersible with 3,000 kilos of cocaine on board was caught in Galicia

Spanish politics

Catalan separatist party in “no hurry” to help Spain’s caretaker PM return to power

After meeting with Socialist representatives, the Catalan Republican Left says it sees a new willingness to talk, but that further negotiation is required for a pledge of abstention

'ERE' Corruption case

Spain’s Socialists try to contain fallout from ERE corruption case ruling

As caretaker PM Pedro Sánchez struggles to form a government, the opposition tells him to take responsibility for a sweeping scandal affecting former regional leaders of Andalusia

Rise of the far right

“I’m not racist; I vote for Vox because you have to sort your own country out first”

EL PAÍS speaks to residents of Griñón, a town south of Madrid, about why they voted overwhelmingly for the far-right party at the November 10 general election in Spain


New survey sees percentage of Catalans against independence rise

According to an official poll by the the regional government, 48.8% of citizens now reject secession from Spain, compared to 41.9% who are in favor

November 2019 Spanish Elections

Spain’s PM has a governing deal; now he needs to sell it to Congress

Pedro Sánchez may have reached a preliminary agreement with the anti-austerity Unidas Podemos, but securing support from Catalan separatist lawmakers will prove tricky

November 2019 General Election

Vote count gives extra seat to PP, further complicating Pedro Sánchez’s chances

The conservatives have picked up a deputy in the Basque Country, meaning the caretaker PM will need to secure key abstentions or support from another party to retake power


A new waiting game in Spain

The deal signed between the Socialist Party and Unidas Podemos to form a coalition government is a step forward, but explanations are still required