Real Madrid-Barcelona match goes ahead despite protests outside stadium

The demonstrations organized by so-called Tsunami Democràtic during the soccer game on Wednesday saw some police charges and yellow plastic balls thrown onto the pitch


EU court: Jailed Catalan politician had immunity as soon as he was elected MEP

According to the ruling, Oriol Junqueras should have been considered a Member of the European Parliament from the moment he won his seat at the May 26 election

‘El clásico’

Thousands of officers on hand to protect Real Madrid-Barcelona match

Around 3,500 security personnel will be at the Camp Nou for tonight’s game in Catalonia, after the anonymous platform Democratic Tsunami called pro-independence protests there

Spanish politics

Spain’s caretaker PM reaches out to more nationalist parties for support

For the first time, Pedro Sánchez will meet with the Catalan anti-capitalist CUP and with the Basque far-left EH Bildu in a bid to get confirmed in office and avoid a third general election

Spanish politics

In gridlocked Spain, caretaker PM explores an unlikely Plan B

Pedro Sánchez is meeting with leaders of right-of-center parties to determine their willingness to endorse him if his deal with a Catalan separatist party ultimately fails


Catalan prison authorities propose ordinary regime for separatist leaders

The recommendation, which is not binding, would mean that the nine men and women currently in jail would not immediately be able to apply for parole or enjoy day release

Spanish politics

Catalan separatist party in “no hurry” to help Spain’s caretaker PM return to power

After meeting with Socialist representatives, the Catalan Republican Left says it sees a new willingness to talk, but that further negotiation is required for a pledge of abstention

Catalan independence drive

Russia denies interference in Catalonia or in Spain’s domestic affairs

A week after it emerged that the Spanish High Court is probing the activities of an elite military group, the Foreign Ministry is talking about an anti-Russia campaign by the media


Grassroots members of Catalan Republican Left back plan to negotiate with PSOE

Participants in the poll were asked whether the pro-independence party should reject the investiture of caretaker PM Pedro Sánchez if there is no prior deal for talks over the situation in Catalonia


Spain will no longer cooperate with Russia in fight against disinformation

Caretaker Foreign Minister Josep Borrell says there is no truth to this, although plans for a joint working group have been permanently dropped


Western intelligence services tracked Russian spy in Catalonia

Spain’s High Court is investigating whether a GRU official named Denis Sergeev, who carried out subversive actions across Europe and Asia, also tried to destabilize the region during its 2017 independence drive

Catalan independence drive

Spain’s High Court opens investigation into Russian spying unit in Catalonia

Judge Manuel García-Castellón is probing whether an elite military group known as Unit 29155 carried out actions aimed at destabilizing the region during the separatist push

Catalan independence drive

Amnesty International calls for release of two Catalan separatist leaders

The rights group says that the Supreme Court trial covering the secessionist drive of October 2017 was not unfair, but that it made an overly broad interpretation of the crime of sedition


As protests continue in Catalonia, the public’s patience starts to wane

For more than a month, pro-independence demonstrators have been cutting off roads and vandalizing public spaces, actions that are affecting the everyday lives of citizens

Catalan independence drive

In court, Catalan premier admits disobeying order to remove separatist symbols

Quim Torra is on trial for refusing to take down yellow ribbons and politically charged banners from public buildings during the municipal and European election campaigns this year

Sports stars

Piqué shakes up the tennis world

Loved and hated in almost equal measure, the Barça soccer star was a mainstay of Spain’s greatest ever national team, but when it comes to business, tennis is his game. In the run-up to his makeover of the Davis Cup, he talks to EL PAÍS about his venture and how Shakira is a source of inspiration


New survey sees percentage of Catalans against independence rise

According to an official poll by the the regional government, 48.8% of citizens now reject secession from Spain, compared to 41.9% who are in favor

Catalan independence drive

Scottish court releases Catalan separatist Clara Ponsatí on bail

The former regional minister handed herself in to police after British authorities agreed to act on a European arrest warrant over her involvement in the 2017 breakaway bid


Authorities in Catalonia clear protests on AP-7 freeway near Girona

Supporters of independence for the northeastern region have been trying to block the road, which links Spain with France, since Monday

Catalan independence drive

Nineteen arrested as police clear Catalan protesters from French border

The demonstrations staged by pro-independence supporters entered their second day on Tuesday, with around 2,000 people blocking a major artery for freight traffic between both countries

Catalan independence drive

Catalan independence protesters block highway to France

The protest called by Tsunami Democràtic is expected to last for three days and has been described as the “most ambitious action” yet since the Supreme Court ruling that jailed pro-independence leaders

Catalan independence drive

UK apologizes for calling European arrest warrant for Catalan separatist “disproportionate”

Clara Ponsatí is facing charges of sedition for her involvement in the 2017 breakaway bid, but will not be extradited to Spain until more information is provided on her offense

November 10 General Election

Thousands of police officers deployed in Catalonia ahead of general election

Following recent street disturbances by radical independence activists, the authorities are sending reinforcements to guarantee security at polling stations on Sunday


Catalan separatists who fled Spain prepare to deal with impending arrest warrants

Toni Comín, Lluís Puig and Clara Ponsatí have been living in Belgium and Scotland since late 2017, but say they will hand themselves over to authorities once they receive summons

November 10 General Election

In bid to win voters, Spain’s PM moves toward the center at election debate

In a televised face-off on Monday night that could prove decisive, Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party talked tough on Catalonia with the four other candidates


Protestors in Catalonia demonstrate outside event involving Spanish king

Guests at the 2019 Princess of Girona awards were blocked from entering, despite the heavy security measures in Barcelona given the presence of Felipe VI and his family


Ex-Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont denied entry into Canada

The politician’s lawyer says an immigration official has denied travel authorization from Spain, where the separatist leader is wanted for sedition and misuse of public funds