PM to hold a Cabinet meeting to declare state of alarm in Madrid

The move comes after Pedro Sánchez gave the regional premier an ultimatum: if she does not implement coronavirus measures, the government will act unilaterally


Spain’s PM mulls state of alarm for the Madrid region

Pedro Sánchez said he would like to reach an agreement with regional authorities and assured that the latter's powers will be respected


David Remnick: ‘The United States has been an imperfect democracy since its founding’

The editor of ‘The New Yorker’ talks to EL PAÍS about Donald Trump and the deepening ideological differences his country faces as it heads towards elections in November


Madrid High Court strikes down Health Ministry’s coronavirus restrictions

As a result of the decision, fines cannot be levied on citizens who break the perimetral confinements of 10 cities and the continuance of the measures themselves is now hanging in the balance


Spain seeks law change to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to abort without parental consent

Equality Minister Irene Montero has announced plans to repeal the 2015 reform that requires young women to get permission from their parents before they can terminate a pregnancy


Spanish PM predicts creation of 800,000 jobs over next three years thanks to European recovery fund

The Socialist Party’s Pedro Sánchez today laid out details of how some of the €140 billion that is due to be disbursed to Spain by the EU will be invested and managed


Judge calls on Supreme Court to investigate Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias

A magistrate targets the Podemos leader in connection with the theft of an ex-colleague’s cellphone


Spain raises spending ceiling by over 50% to deal with coronavirus fallout

The central executive makes allowances for greater expenditure, but warns that the economy will contract by around 11.2% this year due to the crisis


Spain seeking to boost international image amid coronavirus crisis

The Foreign Ministry wants to use the country’s diversity as a selling point to improve its global reputation, which has been damaged by the pandemic


Spain planning change in Social Security contributions for freelancers

The self-employed could soon pay according to their real income, rather than a fixed monthly amount regardless of how much they make


Confusion but no chaos, as Madrid sees new coronavirus restrictions implemented in 10 cities

On Friday night a perimetral lockdown went into force across the region, despite the opposition of the local government and the resignation of citizens


Spain’s coronavirus incidence on ‘red alert’ since August, documents show

Papers seen by EL PAÍS evidence that as early as July, authorities established a top figure of 60 positive cases per 100,000 people


Madrid authorities warn that government’s coronavirus restrictions will cause ‘chaos’

The region will implement the measures from 10pm tonight, but is filing an appeal against them with the Spanish High Court


Reckless tactics

Madrid's regional premier, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is alone in her insistence on a harmful legal challenge with no scientific basis


New coronavirus restrictions in Madrid will be implemented tonight despite regional court appeal

The Popular Party premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso has resorted to legal action against the central government’s measures without the backing of her coalition partner Ciudadanos


Madrid will observe central government’s new coronavirus restrictions, but plans to challenge them in the courts

The Health Ministry on Thursday published new regulations in the Official State Gazette that will see the capital and nine other municipalities in the region confined, something regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso has been fighting to avoid


Tour operators prepare to resume travel between Germany and Canary Islands

The Spanish region is pushing for passenger testing at origin and destination to avoid the need for quarantines


Madrid, Catalonia reject deal to confine areas with high coronavirus contagion levels

Several Spanish regions opt out of a plan introducing stricter restrictions to curb soaring transmission


Spain’s criteria for adopting Covid-19 restrictions fall far below global standards

Health experts warn that the measures agreed to by the ministry and the Madrid region are insufficient and come too late to control community transmission


Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato acquitted over Bankia IPO fiasco

Spain's High Court also cleared 33 other defendants accused of fraud in connection with the 2011 listing of a bank that had to be bailed out a year later


Madrid, Health Ministry reach deal that could see the Spanish capital confined

The two sides have agreed that coronavirus criteria will be uniform for all cities in Spain with more than 100,000 inhabitants


Ousted Catalan leader calls for ‘democratic rupture’ after ban from public office

Quim Torra described the Supreme Court’s decision as a “coup” and urged separatist parties to stay united ahead of a regional election in the coming months


Impasse between Madrid, central government continues as coronavirus cases spiral out of control in the region

Health Minister Salvador Illa warns that “much tougher measures” will be needed if action is not taken soon


Spanish Supreme Court bars Catalan premier from public office for disobedience

The decision means that Quim Torra will have to step down from his position, paving the way for a new institutional crisis in Catalonia


Government intervention of Madrid looms as region refuses to adopt stricter coronavirus measures

The Socialist Party administration of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is seeking a way to intervene in the region, which has the worst infection rates in Europe


Ten covert police operations that took place under Spain’s PP government

Illegally spying on former Popular Party treasurer Luis Bárcenas was just one of the jobs carried out without judicial oversight by a group of officers who also disseminated false evidence against Catalan separatists and the leftist party Podemos. EL PAÍS has reconstructed events based on testimony from their targets


Madrid extends coronavirus restrictions on mobility to eight new areas and recommends staying at home

In an unusual turn of events, Health Minister Salvador Illa held a press conference on Friday where he made clear that, in the government’s opinion, the region is not going far enough