Spain’s dying railroad towns: Trying to catch a new train to prosperity

These once-bustling centers of activity were largely abandoned when other forms of transportation took over. But the few remaining residents are fighting to preserve their legacy, and to find a new purpose for their crumbling infrastructure


Alleged fraudster ‘Little Nicolás’: “They sent me to a school where everyone was rich except for me”

Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias talks to EL PAÍS about how he went from rubbing shoulders with Spain’s political elite to facing up to 30 years in jail for fraud

Spanish food

Ten temples of Spanish tapas

EL PAÍS SEMANAL has traveled across the country to find out why people are willing to stand in line for as long as it takes just to get a taste of these deceptively simple dishes

Sports stars

Piqué shakes up the tennis world

Loved and hated in almost equal measure, the Barça soccer star was a mainstay of Spain’s greatest ever national team, but when it comes to business, tennis is his game. In the run-up to his makeover of the Davis Cup, he talks to EL PAÍS about his venture and how Shakira is a source of inspiration


Brits in Spain resort to Irish ancestry to stay in the EU after Brexit

Ireland used to receive around 6,000 applications for citizenship a year before the 2016 referendum. But last year alone it received 25,000, some from British nationals living in Spanish territory

Climate change

The Greta Thunberg generation

Inspired by the Swedish teenage climate activist, the younger members of society are leading the fight against global warming

How Cirque du Soleil turned to the genius of Messi for inspiration

The artistic spirit of the Argentine soccer star is the protagonist of the world-renowned company’s new production. EL PAÍS SEMANAL got a sneak peek at the rehearsals in Montreal ahead of the premiere on October 10 in Barcelona


Why the Spanish language is losing ground in Gibraltar

Younger generations are using English almost exclusively, a fact educators blame partly on social media

The Alhambra’s own constant gardener

For 40 years, Paco García Montes has been taking care of the sweeping green spaces at Granada’s world-famous Islamic palace complex. Before retiring, he shares anecdotes about smart-alecky tourists and killer bugs

The 200th anniversary of the Prado

Visiting the Prado Museum with Spanish artist Miquel Barceló

The Mallorcan painter discusses his favorite artworks and masters at Madrid’s world-famous gallery, as he wanders its corridors with his friend, photographer Jean Marie del Moral


Spain, the new springboard in Netflix’s bid for world domination

The streaming giant has opened its first European production center outside Madrid, where it aims to make between four and six series a year


The Prado’s treasures come to life

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro injects computer-generated movement into the art collection in a video produced by El País Semanal for the 200th anniversary of one of the world’s most famous museums


Gaudí’s last tenant

The writer Ana Viladomiu is the only resident living in La Pedrera, a World Heritage building designed by the iconic Catalan architect and visited by over one million tourists a year


María Moreno: the art of deconstructing flamenco

The young sensation worked for two months in Japan to raise money for a show that wowed the crowds at the Seville Biennale


The Marie Kondo revolution hits Spain

In an increasingly chaotic world, the advice of the Japanese organizing guru promises to bring happiness. She has thousands of followers, and her method is not only a lifestyle choice, it is also big business

Drug Trafficking

The new cocaine lords of Galicia

After the excesses of the 1990s, the drug gangs from northwestern Spain have become adept at avoiding detection. But operating below the radar is a thriving transportation empire stretching all the way to Africa and the eastern Mediterranean

Art in Spain

A vision reborn: Museum of iconic Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida opens once again

After closing due to management and financial problems, the magical outdoor sculpture park and gallery will welcome in visitors from April 17 to contemplate the work of one of Spain’s most internationally renowned 20th-century artists

The battle to legalize cannabis in Spain

The country has some of the world’s most active research teams looking into the drug, but it is still illegal for medicinal and recreational purposes. The value of the global industry is set to grow to around €50 billion – is there a risk that Spanish players could miss out?


When trivia is your living: Meet Spain’s professional game show contestants

A group of Spaniards has turned television quizzes into a job that can earn them millions in prize money. Here they share their winning formulas, and reveal the hard work that success requires


How a Spanish journalist unmasked the ‘Der Spiegel’ forgery scandal

Freelancer Juan Moreno has become nothing short of a hero in Germany after he exposed star reporter Claas Relotius for making up stories for the prestigious weekly news magazine


Marketer by day, warrior by night: Meet the graffiti artists risking their lives to paint Spain’s trains

They meet up in stations, haunt hidden passageways and ignore no-entry signs. The infrastructure behind cities’ Metro and rail services has become as familiar to them as their own houses. Hooded and fast, they seek out carriages to spray as a cocktail of romanticism, art, adrenaline and risk courses through their veins. They are the ‘guerillas’ and this is their paint war


Barcelona’s homeless model Nastasia Urbano is back in front of the cameras

The former face of Yves Saint Laurent has returned to the studio after living on the streets of the Catalan capital


Yes, your children are watching porn. And this is what it does to them

It’s never been so easy to watch pornography. And never before has it been watched by so many young people. Nowadays, kids of nine are viewing sexually explicit material that is free and accessible 24/7 online, a virtual, 21st century sex education that warps adolescents’ approach to their first adult relationships


The vegan era, or the end of carnal pleasures

In Spain, there are now millions of “flexitarians,” vegetarians and vegans, but while meat consumption is falling, industrial farming is on the rise


Doris Salcedo, the Colombian artist who melted 37 tons of FARC weapons

EL PAÍS SEMANAL talked to one of the most influential artists in Latin America about ‘Fragments,’ her plea for enduring peace in her country, and the power of art to inspire social change


Memoirs of an ambassador

In these extracts from his new book, former US ambassador to Spain James Costos talks about throwing parties for Michelle Obama, seeing history made from his living room and negotiating uncomfortable political situations


In bed with Roberto Polo

Roberto Polo is not easily defined. The owner of a vast art collection, some of which is being shipped to Toledo and Cuenca, he was friends with artists, bankers and celebrities in 1980s New York. He also did jail time, had a close call with death, and was born again. This larger-than-life character has a motto: "Only mediocre men never have problems"