Bank of Spain forecasts fall in GDP of up to 15.1% due to Covid-19 crisis

The central lender has charted several scenarios for recovery and has issued a warning that the Spanish economy will not return to pre-crisis levels until at least 2022


Rafael del Pino: ‘We have to get people back to work as fast as possible’

The chairman of Ferrovial believes that the government should not fast-track major changes without prior debate, and that if it does, it should do so to facilitate the creation of decent jobs for all Spaniards


Madrid and Barcelona will request to move to Phase 2 of coronavirus deescalation plan

Several regional authorities will also ask the central government for permission to enter the last stage before the beginning of the so-called “new normality”


Spanish government may maintain ERTE furlough scheme until end of year

Two ministers have indicated that they are open to extending these measures, implemented due to the coronavirus crisis, in sectors such as tourism beyond June 30


Spain planning to raise €724 million with new plastic-packaging tax

The Cabinet approves draft legislation that also bans single-use items and encourages the circular economy


After dismal spring, Spain’s tourism industry prepares for record-low summer season

Although there has been a slight rise in hotel reservations, leaders from the sector warn that the numbers this year will be far from what they were in 2019


Employment in Spain grows for the first time during Covid-19 pandemic

But despite help from the ERTE furloughing scheme, the labor market has lost 760,000 jobs since the beginning of the crisis


April 2020: The month that tourism to Spain vanished

There were no international visitors and there was zero spending, according to recent figures that confirm the blow from the coronavirus lockdown to a major sector of the economy


Nissan plant closure in Barcelona: a traumatic exit

The case confirms the change in global strategy by the automotive industry


Spain approves guaranteed minimum income scheme for vulnerable families

Here is an overview of who will be eligible for the program, how it will be managed and how it will be funded


Ignacio Galán: ‘If we accelerate clean energy, we could create 300,000 jobs now’

The chairman of utilities giant Iberdrola discusses his experience of the coronavirus health crisis and proposes measures to take us into recovery


Hundreds of workers protest Nissan closure in Barcelona

The Spanish and Catalan governments warn that the decision could be more costly than investing in the struggling plant


Spanish regions request to move to new phases of deescalation plan

Regional authorities in Valencia have asked to move to Phase 2, while some islands may enter the last stage before the beginning of the “new normality”


Spain could get €140 billion from EU’s Covid-19 recovery plan

If approved, the Spanish economy would be the second top beneficiary of the historic program after Italy


Spain’s proposal for travel corridors could allow international tourists to visit before July 1

The measure would provide relief to the Spanish regions most dependent on tourism, such as the Canaries and the Balearic Islands


Spain releases €30.5 billion to relieve strained social security system

This is the second time that the government has allocated money to make up for the drop in contributions caused by the coronavirus crisis


Spain will lift two-week coronavirus quarantine for overseas arrivals from July 1

Foreign Minister Arancha González says via Twitter that “the hardest part is behind us,” and that “health conditions will be guaranteed” for visitors


Spain’s guaranteed minimum income scheme set to assist 850,000 families

The measure is due to be approved by the government this week, and is aimed at helping 2.3 million at risk of poverty at a cost of €3 billion

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Fiscal space at the time of Covid-19

For now, fiscal policy must continue to prop up activity as much as possible, with the decisive support of monetary policy


Spain will have to do deals with other countries if overseas tourism is to restart

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Saturday that tourists would be welcome from July, but fell short of announcing details of how that will happen


All of Spain will be at least in Phase 1 of coronavirus deescalation plan by Monday, government announces

The Madrid region will finally leave Phase 0, after two requests to do so were rejected by the Health Ministry. Castilla y León and Barcelona city will also enter this stage, which allows for social gatherings of up to 10 people


Spain likely to raise taxes in wake of coronavirus crisis, say experts

EL PAÍS has consulted several economists about the measures the government can take to recover from the financial fallout of the pandemic


Sent home over Covid-19, laid-off workers still waiting for their checks in Spain

Delays processing ERTE temporary layoff claims have left thousands of families in a precarious financial situation


Bidding wars and scammers: The new life of healthcare procurement officials in Spain

The coronavirus crisis has turned an anodyne administrative procedure into a high-pressure job as regional governments scramble to secure medical supplies on the international market


Deescalation plans in Spain: Slower and stricter than those of its European neighbors

Wary of a new surge in coronavirus transmission, the executive is keeping more restrictions in place than Italy or France


Spanish government hoping domestic tourism will restart the sector by the end of June

Transportation Minister José Luis Ábalos says that the two-week quarantine for foreign arrivals will conclude when national mobility restrictions are lifted, and that empty seats on flights will not be required


Ana Botín: ‘Europe should understand that solidarity is not charity’

EL PAÍS is starting a series of interviews with the leaders of Spain’s biggest companies. The first instalment is with the executive chairman of Banco Santander. These directors describe their experience of the coronavirus health crisis and confinement, offer a diagnosis of the economic outlook and propose measures to take us into recovery