Keys to understanding the launch of 5G in Spain

Here is an overview of what you need to know about the new technology, including where and when it will be available


Economic physiotherapy

Defining the crisis as an induced economic coma, and not a recession, has allowed for the adoption of a different and sounder strategy


Spain to negotiate travel corridors to its islands with Britain, Germany

Foreign minister says she will also reach out to Scandinavian countries in a bid to save the winter tourism season in the Canaries


EL PAÍS reaches 110,000 subscribers after launching digital subscription model

In just four months, 64,200 readers have signed up to receive unlimited access to the publication’s online content, placing the newspaper as the leader of Spain’s press market


Spanish diplomacy working to secure less strict travel restrictions

Madrid reaches out to Brussels, Germany and Britain in a bid to provide some relief to tourism industry which has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic


How the Spanish Tax Agency followed the trail of Shakira

The tax authorities in Spain know more about the Colombian singer than any tabloid journalist. With the devotion of a diehard fan and a detective’s eye for detail, Inspector Susana C. has pieced together the life of the superstar, exposing the structure of her business empire and cornering her for tax evasion to the tune of €14.5 million


CaixaBank, Bankia in talks for merger that would create Spain’s biggest lender

The new bank would hold €650 billion in assets, although it would lack the international presence of other Spanish giants such as Santander and BBVA


Fresh outbreaks dampen Spanish tourism sector’s hopes for summer season

The number of people registered as unemployed rose by 29,780 in August while the Social Security system registered 6,822 new contributors


Telefónica pledges to bring 5G to 75% of Spanish population by end of the year

The telecoms giant switched on the mobile network signal on Tuesday, but the commercial launch is not expected before early November


Spain experienced Europe’s worst job destruction in first half of the year

A strict lockdown, reliance on tourism and a high rate of temporary contracts help explain why employment decreased by around 8%


Spain’s business elite turns out to hear PM’s call for ‘a new political climate’

Pedro Sánchez tells heads of corporate giants such as Santander, Inditex and Telefónica that government stability is assured despite a split among coalition partners over the budget


‘Judge, a robot stole my job’ – Spain’s courts take on automation in the workplace

A number of recent rulings have sided with workers who were fired after being replaced by more efficient machines, but there is debate over whether this is hindering innovation


Spain’s consultancy racket: How firms won tenders with fake proposals

A probe has found that a group of companies, including Deloitte and KPMG, worked like a cartel to divvy up contracts and leave other competitors out of the game

US-EU trade relations

US to maintain 25% tariffs on Spanish cheese, wine and other products

Washington will continue imposing duties on European Union exports despite calls from a bipartisan group of 13 US senators to suspend the measures


Spanish department store withdraws ‘back to school’ ad after social media backlash

The photo of a child's feet from the El Corte Inglés campaign evoked the image of a suicide for many members of the public


Chronic stress and endless hours: Were we ready to work from home?

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many businesses were unprepared to make the switch to teleworking, leaving workers with a range of health and social problems


Spanish government preparing special unemployment payment that would benefit 550,000 jobseekers

Labor ministry, unions and business associations negotiating a €430 monthly benefit and seeking ways to improve the conditions of the furlough scheme for part-time workers


Coronavirus crisis spells ruin for Madrid’s ‘Golden Mile’

The lack of foreign tourists, particularly from Asia, is devastating the luxury fashion strip in the Spanish capital


Coronavirus crisis leaving entire families in Spain without work

The number of households with no working members has risen to 1.14 million due to the Covid-19 pandemic. EL PAÍS spoke with three people in this situation about their struggles


Covid-19 crisis devastates Spain’s tourism industry

The sector has recorded its worst semester on record, with more losses expected due to the travel restrictions imposed by the United Kingdom and other countries


Spain reports nearly 1,000 new daily Covid-19 cases

As the country grapples with a surge in infections, authorities have requested financial assistance from a EU loan program to soften the effects of coronavirus on employment


Spain’s economy posts historic 18.5% quarterly fall due to coronavirus lockdown

New data shows that output has fallen to levels not seen since the late 19th and early 20th centuries


Spain reports over one million job losses during coronavirus crisis

A quarterly fall of this scale was not even recorded during the worst months of the 2008 global recession


UK’s new quarantine rule spells disaster for Spanish travel industry

The tour operator TUI has canceled all flights from Britain to mainland Spain until August 9, putting more pressure on a sector that continues to struggle from impact of the coronavirus crisis


Selling the jewelry: the last resort of cash-strapped Spaniards

The coronavirus crisis has forced customers back to cash-for-gold stores at a time when the precious metal has hit a price of $1,800 an ounce, the highest since 2012


Spain’s Canary Islands feeling the absence of foreign tourists

Businesses are having a tough time getting the summer season back on track due to fears of flying amid the Covid-19 crisis


Catalan growers torn between fear of Covid-19 and the need to bring in the harvest

Parts of Lleida province are preparing to receive seasonal workers, but there are concerns their arrival could lead to new coronavirus outbreaks