‘La Chana’ with Peter Sellers.

The invincible dancer

Antonia Santiago Amador, otherwise known as ‘La Chana,’ cast a spell over Salvador Dalí, Peter Sellers and Maya Plisétskaya. And though she suffered years of abuse from the men in her life, she rose above it to triumph around the world. A new documentary pays tribute to her spirit

A tour guide in Palma de Mallorca.
Tourism industry

Cities for rent

Tourism is no longer considered an absolute good. Where locals once welcomed visitors with open arms, they now dread their arrival. From Palma de Mallorca to Barcelona, tourists are being seen increasingly as invaders, guilty of pushing up prices and destroying the character of their destination. Tourism-phobia is now a reality

A seized shipment of hashish.

How Spain is losing the war against the drug trade in the south

In a part of Cádiz province known as Campo de Gibraltar – adjacent to the British overseas territory – an old battle for control of the drug trade is being waged more aggressively than ever before. Operators in the area carry out their deals with a feeling of impunity, while law enforcement agencies do their best to fight a war that they admit to be losing, for now at least. The following is the story of the ongoing battle from both sides of the trenches.

Sarah Harmon, Head of Spain and Portugal at LinkedIn.

Why the next tech revolution will be a female affair

In Spain, companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Siemens, IBM and Microsoft are all run by women. This is no coincidence. There is a drive from the top to attract female talent to an industry routinely dominated by men. Because, besides being ethical, it makes economic sense. Nowadays, it is commonly held that only companies with a diverse workforce will survive. And so the women in this feature are working to reverse the longstanding trend for girls to turn their back on careers involving technology and engineering. It is a huge challenge, but one they have gladly taken on


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