¿Qué? podcast, S02E09: New ruling in the Running of the Bulls rape case

This week we discuss the Supreme Court’s decision on Spain’s most infamous sexual assault trial, and also examine the ongoing stalemate on the Spanish political scene

This week on our ¿Qué? podcast, we discuss the Supreme Court ruling in the “Running of the Bulls” rape case, the most infamous sexual assault trial to have taken place in Spain in recent years.

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We also turn our attention to the ongoing stalemate in Spanish politics, with acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Podemos chief Pablo Iglesias seemingly unable to do a deal to form a government, taking Spain ever close to yet another general election.

¿Qué? is a podcast that tries to explain to an English-speaking audience the curious, the under-reported and sometimes simply bizarre news stories that are often in the headlines in Spain.

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