Clean, fast race at Pamplona on day four of the Running of the Bulls

No gorings reported, but one man had close call when bull horn ripped through his jacket

Video: Day four of the Running of the Bulls at San Fermín 2017.Javier Lizón EFEundefined
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Day 4 of the Running of the Bulls (Spanish captions)

Fighting bulls from the Cádiz-based Fuente Ymbro ranch completed the fastest Running of the Bulls in Pamplona so far this year, covering the 875-meter distance between the corrals and the bullring in two minutes, 18 seconds.

Early medical reports indicate that there were no gorings but numerous falls at the fourth encierro, with two runners brought to hospital for minor bruising to the face and arm.

Cameras captured the moment when one of the bulls caught a man in the back and appeared to have gored him; slow-motion images showed that the horn pierced through his dark blue jacket before tossing him in the air. He was later reported to have been lying unconscious for a few moments before receiving assistance.

A few runners were seen goading the bulls with their rolled newspapers, a forbidden practice during the run.

The northern Spanish city is celebrating its world-famous Sanfermines, which end on July 14. The first encierro on Friday resulted in three injuries and there were two more gorings on Saturday

Since 1910, 16 people have lost their lives at the encierros.

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