“We heard you”: Hospital workers in Spain show thanks for public applause during coronavirus crisis

Health centers have expressed their appreciation for the noisy scenes of gratitude that were organized to pay tribute to everyone working while the country is in lockdown

Spanish journalist sexually harassed while reporting live: “I was in shock”

The culprit has been placed under a restraining order and must pay reporter Raquel Guillán €2,000 in compensation

Looking for Lourdes: British ambassador reaches out to long-lost friend

In the hope he might locate her, Hugh Elliott has shared on Twitter the story of how, 35 years ago, a local woman from Burgos gave him food and accommodation

Madrid mayor to schoolkids: “I’d rather donate to Notre-Dame than the Amazon”

The appearance of the Popular Party’s José Luis Martínez-Almeida on a TV show has gone viral on social media, after his answers left children and viewers somewhat surprised

How is the adjective ‘Spanish’ used in other languages?

From torture to deadly pandemics, the word carries a wide range of meanings outside of Spain, often with negative connotations

From Cowface to Vicious City – Twitter users translate Spanish place names

With more than 8,100 municipalities to choose from, it’s no surprise that the social network has been flooded with posts that find the funny side of the more curious monikers

Journalist slams sexual harassment of female reporters covering World Cup

María Gomez has received a stream of sexist abuse while broadcasting live from the global sporting event

The picture of Trump’s Galician doppelgänger? That’s no hoax

The uncanny resemblance between 64-year-old Dolores Leis Antelo and the 45th president of the United States has caught the attention of the world’s media

National Police arrive in Barcelona on ferry decorated with Looney Tunes

As tensions between Madrid and Catalonia reach boiling point, Twitter users find the funny side of the peculiar choice of vessel

‘Andalunglish’: the English words Spaniards have borrowed from Gibraltar

University student María Ortega has preserved disappearing words spoken in La Línea de la Concepción

Jamie Oliver’s paella tweet sparks anger, hilarity and political analysis

But his use of chorizo is not the first example of a foreign chef getting creative with Spanish food

British Refugees Welcome: is Madrid really welcoming Brexit exiles?

Satirical meme turns solidarity banner on Spanish capital's City Hall for Syrians fleeing war into internet hit

“Can I take a ham on the plane?” The weirdest calls to Spain’s embassies

Consul in Prague publishes list of strange requests received on its emergency hotline

How do you do, my name is Hitler...

A lot of people say they’d change their name if they were me

The sporting Spanish cyclist who refused to overtake his rival

Cyclo-cross rider allows opponent carrying bike with flat tire to finish ahead of him

Twitter reacts as Rajoy chooses soccer commentary over political debate

The prime minister spent Wednesday night watching Champions League matches on Cope Users of social networks were quick to ask why he refuses to take part in head-to-heads

How a judge ended up embargoing Vodafone’s assets over my €8.71 claim

After the phone firm refused to cancel a non-existent bill, Kino Ferrández took it to court

#LatinosUnite: Ricky Martin starts online crusade against Donald Trump

Singer joins other Hispanic stars in calling for end to politician's xenophobic slurs

Eight cartoons demonstrating why we hate selfie sticks

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