European Court of Human Rights backs Spain in express deportation case

The magistrates ruled that the Spanish government acted lawfully when it returned to Morocco two migrants who had jumped the border fence at the exclave city of Melilla

Chinese mafia suspected of hiring Spanish thieves for heist in French palace

A ram raider known as “Juan the Kid” allegedly led the group tasked with stealing artwork from the World Heritage Site, but was arrested by police before he could commit the crime

European court rejects Catalan secession leaders’ claims of rights violations

The ECHR finds that Spanish judges acted legally in suspending a regional parliamentary session where a unilateral declaration of independence was to be made

A mountain hideout and a fake identity: How ETA’s Josu Ternera went unnoticed

Before his arrest in the French Alps last week, the former leader of the Basque terrorist organization had spent 17 years on the run after participating in some of the group’s bloodiest attacks

Spain tops list for levels of verbal street harassment, study finds

A poll shows women in the country are targeted more by “disrespectful” behavior than in France, Italy, German, the UK and the US

Strasbourg: Burning photos of Spanish king is “freedom of expression”

European Court of Human Rights rules against Spain for sentencing two protesters to prison over 2007 incident

Damages awarded to thieving cashiers who were secretly filmed by employer

Human rights court in Strasbourg finds Spanish supermarket violated right to privacy of staff

Former Catalan premier, ministers due in Belgian court on November 17

A judge will decide on their arrest and extradition to Spain, but the decision could be still appealed

Victims of the Barcelona terrorist attacks: all the latest details

People from at least 35 countries among victims; two Italians, two Portuguese, a Belgian, a US citizen, a Canadian, two Argentineans and a British–Australian confirmed dead

Defiant Mexico slams Trump over new migration proposals

Foreign minister says country “will not accept” new proposals before key meeting with US officials

Spanish PM offers to act as negotiator for Trump in Europe, Latin America

Mariano Rajoy conveyed message to US president during 15-minute phone call on Tuesday night

Spain’s Rajoy calls Mexico to offer solidarity over Trump hostility

Foreign minister denies Spanish government keeping quiet about US president’s controversial orders

Spain’s institutions call on Trump to restore Spanish to White House website

Removal of links to other language “not a good idea,” says Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis

Trump threatens to “terminate” US–Cuba diplomatic thaw

President-elect says Havana must improve conditions for Cubans and US for rapprochement to continue

Could the Latino vote carry Hillary Clinton to the White House?

The ‘Trump effect’ could bring Hispanic voters out in huge numbers for the first time

Americas formally declared first measles-free region in the world

World Health Organization estimates some 16,000 lives will be saved by end of decade

Obama appoints first ambassador to Cuba in half a century

Republican minority in Senate could still prevent Jeffrey DeLaurentis from taking up post

The day that Chile’s Augusto Pinochet turned his sights on Washington DC

US capital observes 40th anniversary of the death of exiled politician Orlando Letelier in a car bomb

CIA still refuses to reveal everything it knows about Pinochet coup in Chile

Obama called on to release all documents relating to 1976 murders in Washington

Trump makes surprise visit to Mexico despite months of verbal attacks

Republican candidate’s trip to see President Peña Nieto is part of bid to improve his image

What Trump said then and what he says now about immigration

Republican candidate has stated that he could “soften” his controversial position on the issue

Would Donald Trump pass the US citizenship test?

Democrats have challenged the Republican candidate to sit a naturalization exam

The candidates in the US presidential race offering an alternative

Dissatisfied with Trump and Clinton, many voters are unaware they have other choices

Republican Party adopts Trump proposal to build Mexico border wall

The organization’s electoral platform is also advocating protectionism and opposition to abortion rights

Washington to begin direct talks with Venezuela “immediately”

Goal is to reestablish diplomatic relations, as well as to mediate between government and opposition

Donald Trump secures support needed for Republican nomination

Businessman has the support of 1,238 delegates, making his nomination nearly impossible to contest

Women, taxes, deception: Why Donald Trump is uncomfortable with the past

Media coverage is putting the Republican presidential hopeful on the defensive