Separatist lawmaker sparks row with remarks about people who “don’t seem to be Catalan”

Anna Erra, the mayor of Vic, issued an apology after receiving a flood of criticism from the opposition

Spanish PM backtracks on postponing talks with Catalan government

Pedro Sánchez has been pressured into accepting the dialogue before the regional election in Catalonia

Jailed Catalan leader speaks in parliament on Article 155: “It did nothing to stop us”

Oriol Junqueras, who is serving a 13-year sentence for his role in the 2017 breakaway bid, appeared at an investigation commission into the suspension of the Catalan government’s regional powers

Catalan premier challenges regional parliament by refusing to give up seat despite ban

Quim Torra got his Together for Catalonia party to abstain from the day’s voting after the speaker warned him that his own vote would not be counted

Catalan premier refuses to comply with Supreme Court decision to strip him of seat

The Barcelona Electoral Commission has given the regional parliament 48 hours to name a replacement, but Quim Torra says he will not step down

Catalan separatist party in “no hurry” to help Spain’s caretaker PM return to power

After meeting with Socialist representatives, the Catalan Republican Left says it sees a new willingness to talk, but that further negotiation is required for a pledge of abstention

Amnesty International calls for release of two Catalan separatist leaders

The rights group says that the Supreme Court trial covering the secessionist drive of October 2017 was not unfair, but that it made an overly broad interpretation of the crime of sedition

In court, Catalan premier admits disobeying order to remove separatist symbols

Quim Torra is on trial for refusing to take down yellow ribbons and politically charged banners from public buildings during the municipal and European election campaigns this year

Catalan leader condemns violence, calls for meeting with Spain’s PM

Regional premier Quim Torra said on Tuesday that he wants to hold “dialogue with no conditions” that leaves the door open to a new referendum

In surprise Barcelona visit, Spanish PM warns that crisis is not over

Pedro Sánchez visited injured police officers in hospital but did not meet with the Catalan premier Quim Torra or offer a press conference

Catalan premier fails to condemn violence, requests talks with PM

“We call on Pedro Sánchez to set a date and a time to open up negotiations,” Quim Torra tells press on Saturday, despite worst night of disturbances so far in Barcelona on Friday

On referendum anniversary, Catalan independence groups call for mass civil disobedience

During events to mark two years since the region held an illegal referendum on secession, premier Quim Torra states that the republic will be achieved “democratically and peacefully”

Row breaks out in Catalan parliament over jailed terrorism suspects

Some lawmakers walked out in protest during the session on Thursday evening, others chanted “freedom” and one was expelled from the chamber

Jailed pro-Catalan independence leaders call for peaceful protests on Friday

Widespread demonstrations are planned in Barcelona to coincide with a meeting there of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s Cabinet, something that has been interpreted by some as a “provocation”

Madrid will send police to Catalonia if public safety is not guaranteed

The warning comes ahead of a Cabinet meeting that PM Pedro Sánchez wants to hold in Barcelona

Catalan pro-independence activists block highway for 15 hours

The grassroots group also tampered with toll barriers to demand separatist leaders in pre-trial detention be released from prison

Catalan separatists feel effects of their new parliamentary minority

Three proposals fail to secure passage after pro-independence bloc loses votes and disagrees over how to replace them

Barcelona rally conceals divisions among pro-independence groups

The two parties running the Catalan government cannot agree on the best strategy toward secession from Spain

On Catalonia Day, separatists march for “freedom” and “independence”

The pro-independence movement has vowed to turn the Diada into a tribute to the jailed and exiled leaders of the secessionist attempt

Defense lawyers for jailed Catalan separatist leaders will request their release

Spanish Supreme Court is divided over next move after German judges reject rebellion charge against Puigdemont

Catalan premier reshuffles Cabinet lineup, paves way for end to direct rule

Quim Torra has replaced four jailed and self-exiled candidates whom Madrid was refusing to endorse from his choices for regional ministers

Catalonia has a new premier, but for how long?

Quim Torra say his term of office will be transitional, and Madrid has to make decisions on direct rule

Catalan Republican Left rejects fresh leadership bid by Carles Puigdemont

Party calls on Together for Catalonia to “decide on the next steps together” in order to avoid new elections

In sudden move, Catalan parliament could swear in new premier today

Separatist bloc agrees to nominate Jordi Turull before potential Supreme Court action against him

Catalonia awaits its third nominee to the premiership in three months

After Jordi Sànchez drops his bid, parliament speaker announces new round of talks with parties

Support for Catalan independence falls to 40.8%, new survey shows

Poll released on same day that ex-chief of Catalan police appears in court over October 1 referendum

Secessionists urge ousted Catalan leader to accept a symbolic premiership

Carles Puigdemont would have no formal power, and a legal executive would be created in Catalonia