Spanish politics

Which school talks are under threat from the far-right’s ‘parental veto’ in Spain?

Vox is pushing for a system to be introduced in regional education programs targeting workshops on the prevention of homophobia, sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy


Why women in Spain are waiting longer to have a baby

From not finding the right partner to fertility problems, there are many reasons why would-be mothers are putting off starting a family


Young people in Spain need to spend 94% of salary to rent own place

Prohibitively expensive prices combined with low incomes are making it increasingly difficult for youths to become independent, with 81% still living in the family home


Greta Thunberg: “People are suffering and dying from the climate emergency today”

The Swedish campaigner uses her celebrity status to draw attention to other young activists at the UN summit in Madrid


Madrid to host UN climate summit after Chile cancels amid protests

The caretaker Socialist Party government proposed the Spanish capital as the new venue for the international event, which is set to take place between December 2 and 13


More than 80% of Spain’s egg-laying hens are still living in cages

The country is the European leader of the “furnished-cage” system, which keeps birds in overcrowded spaces no bigger than a sheet of paper with no access to natural sunlight


University hazing in Spain: “I was made to eat my own vomit mixed with soup”

A viral video brings renewed attention to a practice that officials are trying to eradicate