Opposition Popular Party backs stricter lockdown, but slams government “improvisation”

Spain’s biggest labor unions also support the move, but businesses warn of “negative impact” on companies

Galicia, Basque Country to hold early regional elections in April

The vote will take place ahead of polls that have been announced in Catalonia, but that are yet to get an official date

In Spain, opposition vows to fight new executive every step of the way

The leader of the conservative Popular Party withdraws earlier offers of support, saying that PM Pedro Sánchez has left the country “in the hands of terrorists and coup plotters”

How a cigarette pack became a form of anti-Franco resistance

A new exhibition showcases apparently insignificant objects that were nursed as treasures by the families of the executed and the exiled

In gridlocked Spain, caretaker PM explores an unlikely Plan B

Pedro Sánchez is meeting with leaders of right-of-center parties to determine their willingness to endorse him if his deal with a Catalan separatist party ultimately fails

Vote count gives extra seat to PP, further complicating Pedro Sánchez’s chances

The conservatives have picked up a deputy in the Basque Country, meaning the caretaker PM will need to secure key abstentions or support from another party to retake power

Valley of the Fallen faces uncertain future after Franco’s exhumation

While the caretaker government wants to turn it into a place of memory and reconciliation, long-term plans are on hold until after the national election of November 10

Spain’s PM seeks joint response to growing street violence in Catalonia

There were 51 arrests and 125 people were injured following a night of clashes between police and protesters who lit fires and erected barricades in Barcelona, Tarragona, Sabadell and Lleida

Madrid chief’s talk of “burning churches” upsets Popular Party colleagues

Regional premier Isabel Díaz Ayuso was attacking the plans of caretaker Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to exhume ex-dictator Francisco Franco, but the comments are out of step with the conservative group’s strategy for the upcoming election campaign

Valley of the Fallen: The fight to recover remains from “Spain’s largest mass grave”

Family members of Republicans interred in the controversial site want to exhume their loved ones and give them a dignified burial, but they say the process is taking too long

One hundred days since election, Spain still no closer to forming government

Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is working on a new strategy to win the support of the anti-austerity party Unidas Podemos, which refused to back his investiture bid in July

Once foes, two ex-PMs share concern about state of Spanish politics

Felipe González and José María Aznar agreed that centrality has been lost in recent years

The enduring myths around Spain’s Historical Memory Law

On the 80th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War, the recollection of what happened in the following decades continues to be at the center of a heated political debate

Spain’s Supreme Court suspends the planned exhumation of Franco

The Socialist Party government of Pedro Sánchez has been working on a project to move the remains of the former dictator since last June, but has met the stiff opposition of his family

Spain’s acting PM and opposition leader agree to open talks on Catalan crisis

The move represents a U-turn for Popular Party president Pablo Casado, who garnered a disastrous result at the April 28 election

How a shift to the right prompted the PP’s worst election night in 30 years

The conservative party’s disastrous showing at the April 28 polls proves, for many insiders, that going after supporters of far-right group Vox was a mistake. Here’s how the debacle unfolded

After stinging election defeat, PP chief Pablo Casado does strategy U-turn

Despite months of making overtures to far-right party Vox, the conservative leader has now dismissed the group, with a new campaign aimed at reclaiming the center ground

Spanish politicians clash over Catalonia in first televised debate

The Monday night event revealed the deep divide between the left-wing and right-wing blocs ahead of the general election on April 28

Spain’s election campaign heats up ahead of televised debates

With less than a week to go before the April 28 polls, Spanish political parties are scrambling to win over undecided voters

New poll predicts Socialist Party victory at Spanish elections

The latest CIS survey predicts that current Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will win the highest number of seats in Congress, but fall short of an absolute majority

Spain’s Popular Party star candidate: “Neanderthals also used abortion”

The conservative group is in hot water after congressional candidate Adolfo Suárez Illana made a series of incendiary comments on terminations

PP proposes delaying deportation of pregnant migrants who opt for adoption

In planned legislation dubbed the “support for maternity law,” the conservative party is seeking to link the issues of illegal migration, terminations, adoptions and economic resources

Popular Party chief attacks “left-wing feminists” ahead of Women’s Day

Pablo Casado’s conservative group has said it will not attend the march planned in Madrid for Friday, arguing that it is “partisan” and has been monopolized by leftists

As elections loom, Spain’s PP ramps up rhetoric to stop voter drain

Mainstream conservatives talk tough on immigration, abortion and Catalonia to keep up with the far-right Vox, which is threatening to take supporters away at the upcoming polls

Spain’s conservatives accuse PM of disrespecting Easter over snap election date

Popular Party makes a political issue out of religious traditions as it vies with far-right Vox for votes on April 28

Madrid set to order Franco’s reburial, but family vows to keep on fighting

Government due to order exhumation at Friday Cabinet meeting and give the dictator’s family 15 days to choose alternative resting place

Right-wing parties attract tens of thousands to protest against Spanish PM

The conservative Popular Party, center-right Ciudadanos and far-right Vox called the demonstration in response to Pedro Sánchez’s handling of the Catalan independence drive