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Hillary Clinton avoids walking in Donald Trump’s shadow

Unlike property magnate, Democratic presidential candidate sidesteps invitation to Mexico

After Mexico visit, Trump takes hardest line yet against immigration

Despite conciliatory tone with Peña Nieto, candidate rails against migrants at Phoenix rally

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Obama confident Clinton can defeat Trump

“The Democratic Party is in good hands,” says outgoing president at the Democratic National Convention

Hillary Clinton promises “steady leadership” at a decisive moment in US history

The first woman to be nominated for president by a major party formally accepts the responsibility to lead Democrats, warning against the dangers Trump poses to the country

Hillary Clinton finally secures the Democratic Party nomination

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Obama: “We have to reject the ‘us versus them’ mentality of some cynical politicians”

Ahead of his visit to Spain, the US president responds to questions from EL PAÍS

President Obama cuts short Spain visit in wake of Dallas shootings

The world leader will no longer make a stop in Seville and will return to Washington on Sunday

Trump plays up Islamic threat in wake of Orlando shooting

Republican candidate reiterates his promise to ban Muslims from entering the United States

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The presumptive candidate for the White House race will start the campaign in a strong position, thanks to successes in primaries

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