Sluggish January sees 244,000 jobs destroyed in Spain

Registered unemployment rose by 90,248 from December, making this the worst month of January since 2014

Job market

September job creation in Spain falls to lowest level since 2013

While employment is growing in aggregate terms, there is a lot of instability due to the high number of temporary positions


Employment in Spain inching close to a historical high

But many of the new contracts are temporary while permanent ones continued to fall as part of an ongoing trend in 2019


Why Spanish employees may have to start clocking in and out once more

From today, a new law will force all companies in Spain to track the number of hours their employees work, in a bid to clamp down on the widespread practice of unpaid overtime


Spain creates nearly 600,000 jobs in a year, but unemployment rises in first quarter

New data shows jobless rate has inched up to 14.7%, but minister says seasonal factors are to blame


Spanish Cabinet cracks down on gender discrimination in the workplace

A new decree has been passed that aims to reduce the pay gap and promote greater equality


Spain ends 2018 with biggest surge in job creation of the last 12 years

The unemployment rate has also dropped to 14.45%, thanks mostly to the public sector


Rise in Social Security affiliations points to rebound in the Spanish job market

But unemployment also grew last month, with a total of 3.2 million people out of work, according to figures released on Monday by the Labor Ministry


Tourism replaces construction as Spain’s main employment driver

More than two million people are employed by the sector but many are on temporary contracts


Spain ends spring with record-high job creation

Economy exceeds growth forecasts with nearly 470,000 new positions created between April and June


Food delivery firm Deliveroo facing €1.3m Social Security bill over work contracts

A detailed report covering 2015-2017 concludes that the firm’s employees are not self-employed, given that the company controls all aspects of their activity


Spanish cities host historic marches to demand end to gender discrimination

Hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the streets on Thursday in 120 different cities, calling for more to be done about the pay gap, gender violence and harassment, among other issues


Women in Spain earn 13% less than men for similar work, new study shows

Pay gap occurs across all observed variables, including age, education and years of service

Gender inequality

The gender no-pay gap: Women in Spain do twice as much unpaid work as men

New study shows females spend 26.5 hours on non-remunerated jobs while males only do 14 hours

Labor market

More jobs but less security as Spain struggles to shake off crisis

Record number of employment contracts in 2017 but goal of permanent work elusive for many

Income inequality

Spain among worst performers in Europe on income equality: EU report

Madrid also criticized for failure of poverty-reduction measures and elevated school drop-out rate

Tourism industry

Wages of Balearic Islands hospitality workers to rise 17% in next four years

The collective bargaining deal will affect 137,000 people employed in key sector of regional economy

Referendum in Catalonia

Catalan public prosecutor orders police to take control of polling stations

Referendum preparations continue, but regional officials are now suggesting a period of talks before secession occurs


As summer tourist season ends, jobless claims surge again in Spain

Data confirms high numbers of people forced to work in temporary or short-term positions

airport dispute

Unions at Spanish airports authority call for strikes from September 15

Proposed stoppages over course of three months come as dispute at Barcelona’s El Prat continues


Spanish government to send Civil Guard to man airport security checks

Move comes after striking staff at Barcelona’s El Prat reject latest proposal


Spain’s unemployment falls by 100,000 in June as tourism season kicks off

More than 80,000 people sign up to Social Security, which now has 18.4 million affiliates


Unemployment: Social Security affiliations have best May since 2001

Registered jobless figure fell by nearly 112,000 people, but most new contracts are temporary


Spain’s unemployment edges up by 17,200 in first three months of 2017

After poor winter, jobless rate now at 18.75%, slightly above figure for the end of 2016

Economy and Business

Unemployment falls by 48,559 in March thanks to record job creation

More than 161,000 people signed up to Social Security system, raising total number of affiliates to almost 18 million


Spain’s Social Security shortfall rises to €18.6 billion in 2016

Revenue from growing affiliations fueled by job creation cannot keep pace with increased spending


OECD praises Spanish recovery but issues alert over rising poverty

Organization raises 2017 growth forecast to 2.5%, but voices concerns about poor job quality