Berlin, Paris hoping Spain will stay close to EU’s French-German bloc

The new Spanish foreign minister has said that the country could form different alliances depending on its interests

Donald Trump invites Spanish royals on official visit to the United States

This is the second time King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have been invited to the White House in less than two years, while Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has not yet been extended an invitation

Spain warns Trump that trade hostilities could endanger greater military cooperation

For the first time, Madrid is linking the presence of US troops to retaliation against Spanish companies

Gibraltar, fishing and migrant rights: Spain’s post-Brexit red lines

PM Pedro Sánchez is meeting on Thursday with the European Union’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier

Has Spain done a U-turn on Venezuela?

The government has refused to clarify why, within a year, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has gone from recognizing Juan Guaidó as the Venezuelan president to avoiding meeting with him

Spain’s foreign minister travels to Morocco amid territorial water dispute

Rabat’s decision to pass laws appropriating an area near the Canary Islands encroaches on Spanish maritime borders at a spot that is rich with a rare mineral

Spain’s Foreign Ministry approves reopening of Catalan ‘embassies’

The move marks a change in strategy on the part of the central government, and comes after dialogue between Madrid and Barcelona over the relevant decrees

Spain and Britain set date to negotiate on post-Brexit Gibraltar

With the UK set to leave the EU, the Spanish government wants to protect the conditions of residents on both sides of the British Overseas Territory

Spain will no longer cooperate with Russia in fight against disinformation

Caretaker Foreign Minister Josep Borrell says there is no truth to this, although plans for a joint working group have been permanently dropped

Western intelligence services tracked Russian spy in Catalonia

Spain’s High Court is investigating whether a GRU official named Denis Sergeev, who carried out subversive actions across Europe and Asia, also tried to destabilize the region during its 2017 independence drive

Spain to maintain Gibraltar veto right in new Brexit deal

The agreement announced on Thursday by the European Union and the United Kingdom respects arrangements secured a year ago by Madrid regarding the British overseas territory

Judge reactivates European warrant for Carles Puigdemont’s arrest

In the wake of today’s ruling, the Supreme Court is seeking to persuade Belgium to hand the former Catalan premier over to the Spanish authorities to face trial

Brexit uncertainty drives 64% of Spaniards in the UK to apply for residency

Foreign affairs officials from both countries have met in a bid to ensure equal rights for both communities

Spain will remove rights for British residents post-Brexit if the UK does not reciprocate

The Spanish government has already passed a royal decree that covers nearly all areas of daily life for the more than 300,000 Britons officially registered in the country, but wants to see London respond in kind

Number of Britons registered in Spain jumps 10% amid Brexit uncertainty

As the deadline for the United Kingdom’s divorce from the European Union approaches, more British citizens are opting to make their residency status official

How abstention could affect the results of a repeat general election

Some experts argue that leftist parties are more likely to be hurt by voters’ frustration at having to return to the polls for the fourth time in four years

Spain activates 875 public servants in preparation for a “hard Brexit”

Speaking in Congress on Wednesday, acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez explained that these additional roles will mostly cover customs services, trade and border controls

Madrid calls on regions to prepare for a no-deal Brexit

Acting Foreign Minister Josep Borrell says conditions affecting border with Gibraltar could be reviewed

Spain issues arrest warrants for ISIS women trapped in Syrian camps

The three Spaniards and one Moroccan traveled to the war-torn country in 2014, and have since ended up in a Kurdish-run detention center with 17 minors under their care

Spanish Cabinet prepares to review contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit

Growing political uncertainty in the United Kingdom has pushed acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to call his ministers to an extraordinary meeting this Thursday

Italy’s Salvini refuses entry to ‘Open Arms’ despite EU offer of help

Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Romania and Luxembourg are willing to welcome some of the 138 people who have been on board a rescue ship for two weeks

France says it is acting to solve ‘Open Arms’ migrant crisis

Interior ministry confirms contact with Brussels to find safe port for Spanish rescue ship with 151 aboard

Spain to complain after Gibraltar seizes Iranian tanker in disputed waters

Madrid holds US tipped off London about the ship, which was bound for Syria in breach of EU sanctions

Spain returns to the front lines of European politics

Josep Borrell will be the new diplomatic chief, although Madrid had been hoping to place a social-democrat in the EU Commission presidency

Spanish government files complaint over UN report on jailed Catalan politicians

A working group concluded that the detention of three of the defendants in the Supreme Court trial was “arbitrary,” and that the illegal referendum was within Spanish law

Socialist Party wins the European elections in Spain

The left-wing group took 32% of the vote, while the conservative Popular Party managed just 20% and far-right Vox gained its own MEPs for the first time

US conveys displeasure over Spain’s decision to withdraw frigate

The American embassy in Madrid has informally complained that the move to pull the ‘Méndez Núñez’ from a combat group in the Persian Gulf was communicated through military channels, not diplomatic ones