Don Rafael: The Spanish 89-year-old who fled a coronavirus-stricken care home in fear for his life

The story of the senior illustrates that way that the pandemic is affecting such residences in Spain, at which high levels of fatalities are being registered

At least 19 dead at Madrid senior home due to a coronavirus outbreak

More people are probably going to die, says a healthcare source familiar with the situation at the center

Women’s Day marches in Spain attract mass numbers despite coronavirus fears

Although turnout was lower than previous years, tens of thousands of people across the country took to the street to protest for greater gender equality

No kissing Christ: The coronavirus ban that has upset Madrid’s faithful

The archbishopric of the Spanish capital has ordered worshipers not to kiss the feet of the holy figure in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19

Madrid’s tiniest bar is also a temple of flamenco

The first rule followed by the many devoted fans of San Román is to deny its very existence

Fires, sandstorms and blackouts: The ‘annus horribilis’ of Spain’s Canary Islands

From extreme weather events to the collapse of the Thomas Cook travel group, the archipelago has faced a number of crises in the past few months

Inside the coronavirus hotel lockdown in Tenerife

Around 800 guests and 200 staff members are in isolation after an Italian couple tested positive. A field hospital has been set up outside the facility to treat any potential patients

The Spanish social worker who claimed a dead man’s pension for 33 years

The woman, who is now 83, has pleaded guilty to fraud and document forgery, but will not be going to prison

Passengers on stricken Air Canada flight: “Everything was shaking”

A Toronto-bound plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Madrid on Monday after sustaining tire damage during takeoff

Hot water and a phoenix: How Madrid airport is catering to Chinese tourists

Travel authorities are preparing a series of changes, including new food menus and mobile payments, to make these highly valued visitors “feel at home”

Vox leader in Madrid faces new accusations in real estate scandal

According to a document seen by EL PAÍS, Rocío Monasterio signed her name as an architect five years before she completed her degree

Vox leaders in Madrid come under fire for real estate deals

Rocío Monasterio signed floor plans before being a registered architect, and she and her husband sold industrial properties that were used for residential purposes

Spanish woman’s death goes unnoticed for 15 years because she was still paying her bills

With no close family or friends, the elderly lady’s body was left to mummify in her apartment for nearly two decades

A profile of the ‘upskirters’ secretly filming women in Madrid

Experts say that the men involved in these cases of voyeurism are typically insecure, solitary and spend a lot of time planning their crimes

A family left devastated by the actions of a reckless driver

Víctor López, 20, was killed instantly in Madrid on Sunday, after 24-year-old Kevin Cui decided to drive his souped-up Golf the wrong way up the M-50 beltway

Romanian parents “under suspicion” after baby accidentally consumes ecstasy

The 11-month-old child found the drug in a park in Madrid, but parents Dee and Marian felt they were treated with mistrust by both the police and medical staff alike

The Prado all to yourself? For the world’s ultra-wealthy, it’s an option

Spanish companies are catering to high-net-worth individuals who want exclusivity on their trips

Arrival of “miracle” penis injections in Spain raises alarms

A clinic in Madrid is offering to make men more virile with a stem cell treatment that costs more than €2,000, but experts are concerned it could cause more harm than good

Massive storm in Madrid causes flash flooding and road closures

The worst-affected municipality in the region was Arganda del Rey, where heavy rainfall caused a torrent of water that swept away cars and street furniture

After admitting defeat, Madrid mayor may try to retain office after all

The former judge hopes to remain in her role as Vox threatens to let the left govern if Ciudadanos refuses to negotiate with the far-right party

Why wealthy Spanish seniors are selling their homes, but not moving out

Growing numbers of pensioners struggling to make ends meet are putting their properties on the market at lower prices, on the condition they may continue to live there until they die

“I once voted for the Communist Party, but it was phoney-baloney. Now I’m with Vox”

Spaniards of all ages and political stripes are flocking to the polls, convinced that this could be one of the most decisive elections the country has ever held

Why wealthy families from Beijing are buying up apartments in Madrid

Chinese investors are purchasing properties worth at least €500,000 in a bid to earn a so-called “golden visa”

How a group of homeless people found a place to live in Madrid airport

Posing as travelers who have been robbed or lost their documents, many of these “ghost travelers” have been living in Barajas’ terminals for years

How a Spanish neo-Nazi became an international ‘hero’ of the far right

Josué Estébanez is considered a cult figure by extremists, including the New Zealand mosque shooter, for killing a left-wing activist on the Madrid subway in 2007

New Zealand attacker had name of Spanish killer on weapon

“Josué Estébanez,” who murdered youngster Carlos Palomino in a hate crime in Madrid in 2007, was written on a rifle magazine along with citations of other right-wing figures

“Bank-owned apartment for sale to squatters. Pay in cash”

Madrid's property black market is offering empty homes to buy or rent for a period of two years – the time it takes the repossession to go through the courts