Russian spy detected in Catalonia accused of poisoning Bulgarian arms dealer

General Denis Sergeev, who is linked to the elite military group Unit 29155, is being investigated by Spain’s High Court for two visits he made to Barcelona ahead of the illegal referendum on Catalan independence


Spaniard at center of Julian Assange spying accusations claims ambassador ordered espionage

David Morales told Spain’s High Court on Friday that Carlos Abad asked him to secretly record the WikiLeaks founder while he was staying in Ecuador’s embassy in London


Iranian exile group paid salaries for two leaders of Spain’s far-right Vox

Donations from the National Council of Resistance of Iran also funded other party expenses such as rent and computer equipment in 2013 and 2014


Three protected witnesses accuse Spanish ex-marine of spying on Julian Assange

Former employees of David Morales tell a judge in Spain that his company was making recordings of the cyberactivist and his lawyers for the CIA


Assange suspected a Spanish security firm was spying on him in London

The cyber-activist gave witness testimony before a judge in Spain via videolink, and said he did not authorize anyone to record his conversations with his lawyers


Spanish judge to question Julian Assange over Ecuador embassy spying claims

British authorities will finally allow a videolink interview with the WikiLeaks founder in a probe against a security firm that allegedly sent illegally obtained material to the CIA


Lagarde was a director of two Baker & McKenzie affiliates in tax havens

The current president of the European Central Bank was on the board of subsidiaries of the legal firm in Bermuda and Singapore between 2003 and 2005


The US trail of the man whose security firm spied on Julian Assange

Emails sent by David Morales, owner of UC Global, place him in Alexandria, in the state of Virginia, near the federal court that has been investigating the Australian cyberactivist for years


UK blocks Spanish judge from questioning Julian Assange over spying allegations

The magistrate has requested to interview the WikiLeaks founder by videoconference as a witness, and says the refusal by British judicial authorities is unprecedented


Andorra freezes €76.5m held by lawyer of Mexico’s ex-president Peña Nieto

Juan Ramón Collado, a prominent attorney who was arrested in July in Mexico City, is under investigation for money laundering in the European microstate, according to a court document seen by EL PAÍS


Russian and US visitors, targets for the Spanish firm that spied on Julian Assange

The CIA had access to the server where the company stored the profiles of hundreds of people who visited the WikiLeaks founder during his stay in the Ecuadorian embassy in London


Director of Spanish security company that spied on Julian Assange arrested

The owner of UC Global, David Morales, was detained in August and has since been released on bail. He is facing offenses related to violating the privacy of the WikiLeaks founder and passing the information on to the United States’ intelligence services


Spanish security company spied on Julian Assange in London for the United States

Spain’s High Court is investigating the director of UC Global S. L. and the activities of his company, which had been hired to protect the Ecuadorian embassy in the English capital


Spain opens investigation into suicide of former Venezuelan oil chief

Márquez Caberera, who held a top post at PDVSA under Hugo Chávez, was found hanging from his own belt just days after agreeing to cooperate in a money laundering probe


Spanish security company spied on Julian Assange’s meetings with lawyers

EL PAÍS has had access to video, audio and written reports showing that the WikiLeaks founder was the target of a surveillance operation while living at the Ecuadorian embassy in London


Tapes of Spaniards’ attempt to extort Julian Assange: “This material is worth €3m”

EL PAÍS has accessed recordings that police made of the group who tried to sell the WikiLeaks founder sensitive personal material from his stay at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London


Ecuador will give Julian Assange’s embassy computers and files to the US

Judicial authorities greenlight search of a room used by the WikiLeaks founder during his seven-year stay in the diplomatic headquarters in London


Spanish police arrest reporter who tried to sell Assange embassy videos

The suspect, who had been convicted of fraud in the past, was part of a ring that attempted to make €3 million on the sale


High Court judge opens probe into recordings of friend of King Juan Carlos

Investigation will examine claims made by businesswoman Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein that the former monarch used her as a front to conceal assets


Spanish secret service, ministers react to alleged recordings of “close friend” of King Juan Carlos

Tapes made by ex-policeman purportedly of Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein appear to suggest the former monarch used the businesswoman as a front to conceal his wealth

Catalonia terrorist attack

Judge probes death of Barcelona terrorist who was shot down by police

Suspect was wearing fake bomb belt when he ran towards Catalan officers after killing 16 in August 2017


The 21 actresses unaware they could be a stalker’s next target

Questions asked after court fails to inform or protect women who appeared in scrapbook kept by Arndt Meyer

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan secessionist leaders could be barred from office by March

Supreme Court seeks to stop Puigdemont and aides from gaining power before rebellion trial begins


The €10 million luxury spending spree of former Hugo Chávez ministers

Andorra accounts of powerful Venezuelans suspected of corruption reveal lavish outlays


Former ministers of Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez hid €2 billion in Andorra

Leading politicians suspected of taking commissions of up to 15% for awarding state oil firm contracts


How imam who organized Catalonia attacks concealed his radical ideas

Ringleader followed a jihadist manual that permitted adopting the habits and customs of Christians


Catalonia terror cell followed teachings of highly secretive Salafi sect

Takfir wal-Hijra allows for drinking of alcohol and eating of pork to disguise radicalization