PM backs minister over meeting with Venezuelan VP during testy session in Congress

Opposition parties used their first chance to quiz the new government to call on transport chief José Luis Ábalos to quit over encounter at Madrid airport with Delcy Rodríguez


King Felipe VI in parliament: “Spain must be for everyone”

In a speech to open the new political term, the monarch calls on parties to restore the people’s trust in the institutions


Spanish PM to negotiate with Catalan separatists on lowering sedition sentences

Pedro Sánchez needs an absolute majority in Congress if he is to pass his planned reforms to the criminal code, which include possible changes to the crimes of rebellion and sexual assault

Spanish royal family

Politicians from all sides of the spectrum respond to King Felipe’s Christmas speech

The anti-austerity Unidas Podemos praised the monarch for softening his tone on the issue of Catalonia, while Catalan and Basque parties criticized the address


Spanish Congress prepares for possible end-of-year investiture vote

As the Socialist Party and Catalan Republican Left get closer to a deal to get Pedro Sánchez sworn back into office, lawmakers are asked to stay near Madrid in case they need to rush back from holidays


Negotiations over Spanish PM’s investiture enter final phase

Despite a public clash, the Socialist Party and the separatist Catalan Republican Left continue to talk about a possible abstention that would allow Pedro Sánchez to be sworn into office

November 2019 General Election

Vote count gives extra seat to PP, further complicating Pedro Sánchez’s chances

The conservatives have picked up a deputy in the Basque Country, meaning the caretaker PM will need to secure key abstentions or support from another party to retake power

Historical memory

Franco’s family at the Mingorrubio cemetery: “This is a dictatorship”

The dictator's relatives scuffled with police after the latter tried to seize a recording device brought inside in violation of a government ban


Socialists, Podemos seeking last-minute deal ahead of investiture debate

The left-wing party headed by Pablo Iglesias wants ministries and a deputy prime ministerial position in government with acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez


Acting Spanish prime minister to face investiture vote on July 22

Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party hopes to be voted back into office, despite currently lacking the necessary support from other political groups, including his key partner Unidas Podemos


Catalan separatists unable to take seats in European Parliament

Spain’s election board decides that Carles Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras and Antoni Comín cannot be MEPs because they have not fulfilled a legal requirement to pledge compliance with the Constitution


Prior at Valley of the Fallen demands state hand over its keys to monument

Father Santiago Cantera, who is fiercely opposed to former dictator Francisco Franco being exhumed from the site, took exception to an unannounced visit by civil servants


Bitcoin, a boat and book royalties: What assets do Spain’s top politicians hold?

Newly elected lawmakers, including Pedro Sánchez, astronaut Pedro Duque and far-right Vox leader Santiago Abascal, have submitted their financial holdings – and there are some interesting findings


Congress suspends deputies on trial for role in Catalan independence drive

The four men, who are currently being held in custody while facing charges for their actions in 2017, will from today no longer be parliamentarians, something that could benefit acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez


Row over Catalans’ oaths sets the tone as Spanish Congress convenes

A highly fragmented lower house elects a new speaker, but is more divided than ever over separatist deputies, four of whom are currently being held in custody while on trial


Spanish Congress to suspend jailed Catalan deputies from their seats

The new parliament is convening today, and will likely follow regulatory guidelines against the pro-independence leaders caught up in criminal proceedings


Jailed Catalan separatists take seats in Congress and Senate

The five pro-independence leaders have completed the paperwork to assume office after the Supreme Court granted them permission to leave jail, where they are being held in custody for their role in the 2017 separatist drive


Spanish government headed for defeat in Congress over 2019 budget

Parties that support Catalan independence are unlikely to back Prime Minister Sánchez’s plan, meaning that a general election could be called for the coming months


Catalan premier refuses to remove separatist symbols from public buildings

This marks the second time that Quim Torra has ignored instructions from election officials, who are seeking to ensure political neutrality ahead of polls in April and May


Spain and UK reach deal to curb tax evasion in Gibraltar

The agreement sets out stricter rules to determine the fiscal residency of individuals and businesses


Spanish government set to approve exhumation of Francisco Franco

The dictator’s family, who will be given 15 days to choose an alternative resting place, have promised to fight the decision at the Supreme Court


Center-right parties clinch deal to end Socialist power in Andalusia

But a government by Ciudadanos and Popular Party depends on support from the far-right Vox party


In new setback to Franco reburial, religious leader denies access to tomb

Spanish government says it will forge ahead with plans to take late dictator out of Valley of the Fallen


Jailed pro-Catalan independence leaders call for peaceful protests on Friday

Widespread demonstrations are planned in Barcelona to coincide with a meeting there of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s Cabinet, something that has been interpreted by some as a “provocation”


Popular Party chief claims Catalan premier wants “bloodshed” and “civil war”

Pablo Casado accused the prime minister of being weak at a charged congressional session on Wednesday


Spain’s Popular Party uses schoolteacher murder case to support life imprisonment

In the wake of the killing of Laura Luelmo, the conservatives are the only group that wants to keep legislation that went into effect in 2015


Spanish PM: Catalan politicians creating narrative of “lies and grievances”

Socialist Party chief Pedro Sánchez hardened his tone against the supporters of independence in Congress today, comparing the situation in the region with Brexit