Supreme Court blocks jailed Catalan leader’s bid to take seat in European Parliament

Magistrates have ruled that the 13-year jail sentence handed down to Oriol Junqueras of the Catalan Republican Left means he is barred from serving as an MEP


In Spain, opposition vows to fight new executive every step of the way

The leader of the conservative Popular Party withdraws earlier offers of support, saying that PM Pedro Sánchez has left the country “in the hands of terrorists and coup plotters”


Brussels recognizes jailed Catalan leader as MEP, despite Electoral Commission notification

Spain’s JEC sent a communication on Friday stating that Oriol Junqueras was ineligible for the role given that he is currently serving a jail sentence


A legitimate government

The investiture of Pedro Sánchez offers Spain the small chance of returning to normality


Spain’s new PM mulls Cabinet lineup ahead of thorny political term

Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party will lead the first coalition government in recent democratic history after securing parliamentary backing by a razor-thin margin of two votes


Pedro Sánchez voted back in as Spanish prime minister by Congress

The Socialist Party leader won a second investiture vote by a simple majority of just two votes and will now lead the country’s first coalition government since the Second Republic


European Gibraltar

Spain is taking a firm approach to talks about the future of the British Overseas Territory after Brexit


The last chance

At this weekend’s investiture debate, prime ministerial candidate Pedro Sánchez must give a full explanation of the deal he has made with ERC on future talks about Catalonia


Catalan separatists give green light to new Socialist government in Spain

The national council of the Catalan Republican Left has agreed to abstain at the investiture vote of Pedro Sánchez, who will likely become prime minister once more on Tuesday


Pedro Sánchez’s investiture debate to take place on January 4, 5 and 7

The caretaker prime minister will need to secure an absolute majority at the first vote or a simple majority at the second if his bid to get back into office is to prosper


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Spain a step closer to having a government as PSOE, ERC finalize deal

The Socialist Party and the Catalan Republican Left have been negotiating for weeks in order to secure the latter’s abstention at an investiture debate that could see Pedro Sánchez voted back in as prime minister


Solicitor general’s office calls for jailed Catalan politician to be allowed to serve as MEP

The legal representation of the Spanish state has, however, stated that the immunity granted to Oriol Junqueras by the European Parliament should be suspended as soon as possible

Spanish royal family

Politicians from all sides of the spectrum respond to King Felipe’s Christmas speech

The anti-austerity Unidas Podemos praised the monarch for softening his tone on the issue of Catalonia, while Catalan and Basque parties criticized the address


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‘El Gordo’ draw

Winners across Spain celebrate results of ‘El Gordo’ Christmas lottery

Just eight minutes after the draw began, the top prize was called for the number 26590


Spain and Britain set date to negotiate on post-Brexit Gibraltar

With the UK set to leave the EU, the Spanish government wants to protect the conditions of residents on both sides of the British Overseas Territory


Severe storms kill seven people in Spain

A 30-year-old fisherman is the most recent victim of the extreme weather conditions that have been lashing mainland Spain over the weekend


EU court ruling on jailed Catalan politician complicates investiture talks

The decision, which found that Oriol Junqueras should have been considered an MEP as soon as he was elected, has immediate consequences on talks between the Socialist Party and the ERC


‘El Chicle,’ killer of Madrid teenager Diana Quer, given life sentence

José Enrique Abuín Gey has also been ordered by a provincial court in Galicia to pay thousands of euros in compensation to the family of the victim, who went missing in 2016

Spanish politics

Spain’s caretaker PM reaches out to more nationalist parties for support

For the first time, Pedro Sánchez will meet with the Catalan anti-capitalist CUP and with the Basque far-left EH Bildu in a bid to get confirmed in office and avoid a third general election

Spanish politics

In gridlocked Spain, caretaker PM explores an unlikely Plan B

Pedro Sánchez is meeting with leaders of right-of-center parties to determine their willingness to endorse him if his deal with a Catalan separatist party ultimately fails


Spain’s King Felipe calls on Pedro Sánchez to form a new government

After a round of meetings with political leaders, the monarch has proposed the Socialist Party chief as the candidate with the best chance of being sworn in as prime minister


Catalan prison authorities propose ordinary regime for separatist leaders

The recommendation, which is not binding, would mean that the nine men and women currently in jail would not immediately be able to apply for parole or enjoy day release


Over 200 migrants rescued at sea as Canary Islands arrivals spike

More stringent policing in northern Morocco is pushing people to attempt the journey to the Spanish archipelago

In photos: Climate change march in Madrid


Greta Thunberg in Madrid: “I hope world leaders grasp the urgency of the climate crisis”

The teen activist arrived on Friday and made a surprise visit to the COP25 summit before heading out to a news conference and a protest against global warming