Spanish PM meets with Catalan premier ahead of talks on region’s future

“Dialogue is the path,” says Pedro Sánchez after a 90-minute encounter with Quim Torra in Barcelona


Spanish PM backtracks on postponing talks with Catalan government

Pedro Sánchez has been pressured into accepting the dialogue before the regional election in Catalonia


Police sources: Minister met Venezuelan vice-president to avoid her entry into Spain

Media reports claim that transportation chief José Luis Ábalos had secret talks with Delcy Rodríguez inside a private aircraft in Madrid’s Barajas airport in the early hours of Monday


Spanish prime minister announces date of meeting with Catalan premier

In his first interview since being sworn back into office, Pedro Sánchez said he would see Quim Torra in February, and promised to have a new budget passed by summer


PM announces pension hike, defends prosecutor general pick after first Cabinet meeting

Speaking to reporters, Pedro Sánchez said that he now has “no reservations” about the leader of his coalition partner Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, despite statements he made last year


Spain a step closer to having a government as PSOE, ERC finalize deal

The Socialist Party and the Catalan Republican Left have been negotiating for weeks in order to secure the latter’s abstention at an investiture debate that could see Pedro Sánchez voted back in as prime minister


Spanish Congress prepares for possible end-of-year investiture vote

As the Socialist Party and Catalan Republican Left get closer to a deal to get Pedro Sánchez sworn back into office, lawmakers are asked to stay near Madrid in case they need to rush back from holidays


Negotiations over Spanish PM’s investiture enter final phase

Despite a public clash, the Socialist Party and the separatist Catalan Republican Left continue to talk about a possible abstention that would allow Pedro Sánchez to be sworn into office

November 2019 Spanish Elections

Spain’s PM has a governing deal; now he needs to sell it to Congress

Pedro Sánchez may have reached a preliminary agreement with the anti-austerity Unidas Podemos, but securing support from Catalan separatist lawmakers will prove tricky

November 2019 General Election

Spain: How an “impossible” governing coalition was clinched in an hour

Within two days of Sunday’s repeat election, the Socialist Party and Unidas Podemos struck a deal that they had been unable to agree on for six months

November 10 General Elections

Vox and Catalonia dominate the end of the election campaign in Spain

Issues like the economic slowdown have been dropped as candidates vie for undecided voters ahead of the vote on November 10

November 10 General Elections

Spain’s PM: “The only way to ensure there is a government is to vote for the Socialist Party”

In an interview with EL PAÍS, Spain’s caretaker prime minister discusses Monday’s debate and what deals he is prepared to make if he does not win an absolute majority at the November 10 election

November 10 General Elections

Frayed nerves among Spanish parties as Vox prospects rise ahead of Sunday election

Recent remarks by the caretaker PM have also infuriated prosecutors, adding uncertainty to a vote where the far right is expected to make significant gains

November 10 General Election

In bid to win voters, Spain’s PM moves toward the center at election debate

In a televised face-off on Monday night that could prove decisive, Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party talked tough on Catalonia with the four other candidates


Madrid to host UN climate summit after Chile cancels amid protests

The caretaker Socialist Party government proposed the Spanish capital as the new venue for the international event, which is set to take place between December 2 and 13


As election campaign begins, parties seek to win over center and combat apathy

Spaniards will be going to the polls for the fourth time in four years on November 10, but there are already indications that many will be inclined to not vote this time around

Historical memory

Franco’s exhumation to take place on Thursday

After numerous setbacks, the Spanish government has announced that the body of the dictator will be transferred to a Madrid cemetery on October 24


In surprise Barcelona visit, Spanish PM warns that crisis is not over

Pedro Sánchez visited injured police officers in hospital but did not meet with the Catalan premier Quim Torra or offer a press conference


Catalan leader finds scant support for calls for new independence referendum

Quim Torra was met with near silence in the regional parliament on Thursday, after suggesting a repeat vote on secession from Spain, and even laying out a provisional schedule


Catalan premier comes under pressure for response to violent street protests

Quim Torra has been criticized for not doing more to stop the unrest, which erupted after the Supreme Court sentenced nine separatists to prison for their role in the 2017 breakaway attempt


Spain’s PM seeks joint response to growing street violence in Catalonia

There were 51 arrests and 125 people were injured following a night of clashes between police and protesters who lit fires and erected barricades in Barcelona, Tarragona, Sabadell and Lleida


Spanish government ready to exhume Franco’s remains if Supreme Court gives the green light

If the six judges approve the move at today’s ruling, the body of the former dictator could be removed from the Valley of the Fallen monument before the general election on November 10


In Spain, time is running out for a last-ditch deal to avert a fresh election

Party leaders are meeting with the king to see if Pedro Sánchez stands a chance of being voted back in as prime minister by deputies in Congress


Spain’s acting PM rejects latest offer for a “trial coalition” with leftist Podemos

A senior official from the conservative Popular Party suggests a grand union of the two main political groups to prevent a fresh parliamentary election in November


Spanish king calls political leaders for talks as deadline for new elections looms

The consultations with Felipe VI will determine whether the Socialist Party’s Pedro Sánchez has enough support in Congress to be voted back in as prime minister


Acting Spanish PM: “No coalition, no elections. There is a third way”

Speaking to EL PAÍS, Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party says that he still believes he can persuade left-wing Podemos to support him in the formation of a government


Spain’s voters upset at stalemate but divided over a new election, poll shows

The majority of Unidas Podemos and Socialist voters do not want to go back to the ballot boxes, but right-wing supporters defend a new vote