“Do we have a deal, Pedro?”: an inside look at the clash at EU coronavirus summit

The six-hour virtual gathering on Thursday to agree on a joint statement has been described as one of the most fascinating in recent memory

In EU’s post-Brexit reshuffle, Spain drops out of race to replace Britain

Diplomatic sources say the new coalition government prefers ad hoc alliances to joining traditional French-German bloc

Spanish minister’s secret meeting with Venezuelan vice-president sparks political storm

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez claims that José Luis Ábalos “did what he could to avoid a diplomatic crisis” given that Delcy Rodríguez is banned from entering the European Union

Spanish PM takes leading role in negotiations for EU’s top posts

The inconclusive results of the European election put Pedro Sánchez in a privileged position to build consensus over the makeup of the new parliament

EU commissioner Pierre Moscovici: “We need a pro-European, proactive government in Spain”

The European official praises the strong performance of the Spanish economy but warns of the threat posed by far-right parties like Vox

Report: The return of ISIS fighters threatens European security

A new study explores how Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia are dealing with hundreds of returnees, and what effect this could have on the European Union

Iberia gets six months to adapt to EU ownership rules in the case of a hard Brexit

Air carriers must prove they are more than 50% controlled by European Union shareholders or face losing their flying rights within the bloc

Brussels fears Italy’s instability and populism could spread to Spain

Political fragmentation and the emergence of a far-right party has raised concerns that the fourth-largest economy in the European Union could fall prey to euro-skepticism

Spain rejects French-German plan to tackle Mediterranean migration crisis

Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska expressed veiled criticism for Italy and Malta – who would benefit most from the initiative – for not doing their part

Iberia warned it will not be able to fly within the EU under a no-deal Brexit

If the Withdrawal Agreement is not signed, the airline will lose its license to operate in Europe unless it can prove it is 51% owned and controlled by an entity in the continent

Spain rejects EU offer to create separate declaration on Gibraltar after Brexit

The Spanish government has reiterated its threat to veto the Withdrawal Agreement if the position of the British Overseas Territory is not clarified

Spain still ready to vote against Brexit unless it sees changes on Gibraltar

After a phone conversation with Theresa May, PM Pedro Sánchez says positions remain distant

EU, UK agree draft declaration on post-Brexit relationship, with no mention of Gibraltar

The text eliminates direct reference to Article 184 of the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement, the clause Spain objects to as it does not exclude the British Overseas Territory from talks

Tobacco complicates Brexit negotiations with Gibraltar

Talks between Madrid and London are making good progress but there are still some stumbling blocks

Pierre Moscovici: “Spain is not Italy: it complies with the rules”

The EU finance commissioner talks about the need for more economic reforms and the danger posed by illiberal forces as Europe faces elections next year

Andalusia, Catalonia want fairer distribution of migrant minors in Spain

Regions struggling with surge in unaccompanied minors say other parts of the country not doing enough

“I congratulate Spain for the ‘Aquarius’ but it can’t go on this way”

Ahead of a visit to Madrid, the EU Commissioner for Migration discusses strategies to address the immigration crisis facing Europe

EU chief calls Spanish PM and pledges aid to manage immigration challenge

After saying in a letter that “funds are limited,” Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker promises to release €55 million from emergency fund