Spanish PM secures congressional support to extend state of alarm

Although opposition parties heavily criticized Pedro Sánchez for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, they voted in favor of keeping the emergency measures in place until April 12

Spanish Congress refuses to investigate former King Juan Carlos for alleged ‘irregular’ donation

With the backing of a report from parliamentary lawyers, the governing board of Spain’s lower house has rejected the creation of a special committee into the monarch’s financial dealings

PM backs minister over meeting with Venezuelan VP during testy session in Congress

Opposition parties used their first chance to quiz the new government to call on transport chief José Luis Ábalos to quit over encounter at Madrid airport with Delcy Rodríguez

King Felipe VI in parliament: “Spain must be for everyone”

In a speech to open the new political term, the monarch calls on parties to restore the people’s trust in the institutions

Trickle of Cabinet announcements creates unease among Spain’s new coalition partners

The disclosure that PM Pedro Sánchez will have a fourth deputy in charge of environmental affairs came as a surprise to Unidas Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias

Pedro Sánchez’s investiture debate to take place on January 4, 5 and 7

The caretaker prime minister will need to secure an absolute majority at the first vote or a simple majority at the second if his bid to get back into office is to prosper

PSOE-Podemos governing plan will see hikes on taxes and the minimum wage

EL PAÍS has had access to details of the policies the parties will implement should their planned coalition government become a reality next week

Spanish Congress prepares for possible end-of-year investiture vote

As the Socialist Party and Catalan Republican Left get closer to a deal to get Pedro Sánchez sworn back into office, lawmakers are asked to stay near Madrid in case they need to rush back from holidays

Negotiations over Spanish PM’s investiture enter final phase

Despite a public clash, the Socialist Party and the separatist Catalan Republican Left continue to talk about a possible abstention that would allow Pedro Sánchez to be sworn into office

Spain’s King Felipe begins new round of meetings with party leaders

After another inconclusive election, the Socialist Party’s prime ministerial candidate, Pedro Sánchez, says he will only submit to a congressional vote if he has enough support

In Spain, divided parties find common ground in defense of the Constitution

On 41st anniversary of the landmark document, the main political groups have agreed to put off reforms in order to protect it from Catalan separatists and the far-right Vox

Spanish Congress convenes, but how long will it last?

The newly elected members of Congress and the Senate are being sworn in today, but after the last parliament lasted just seven months, there are doubts that the ongoing stalemate can be resolved

Vote count gives extra seat to PP, further complicating Pedro Sánchez’s chances

The conservatives have picked up a deputy in the Basque Country, meaning the caretaker PM will need to secure key abstentions or support from another party to retake power

Spanish king calls political leaders for talks as deadline for new elections looms

The consultations with Felipe VI will determine whether the Socialist Party’s Pedro Sánchez has enough support in Congress to be voted back in as prime minister

In wake of failed investiture bid, Socialists rule out coalition government

Acting deputy PM Carmen Calvo said the party would not negotiate Cabinet positions with Unidas Podemos after the anti-austerity group abstained from last week’s crucial vote

Spain’s acting PM accuses center-right of shunning “the wrong party”

At Monday’s investiture debate, Pedro Sánchez argued that the far-right Vox party represents the real threat to Spanish democracy, and not his Socialist group

Javier Bardem and 200 other artists make plea for a progressive government in Spain

With talks between the Socialists and Podemos at a deadlock, a group of writers and performers has signed a manifesto demanding a deal to avoid a repeat election

Acting Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez says deal with Podemos is dead in water

Speaking on Monday morning on the Cadena SER radio network, the Socialist politician said that the left-wing party refused an offer of places in the Cabinet

Spain’s acting PM wants constitutional change to prevent new stalemates

Pedro Sánchez is facing a congressional investiture vote in two weeks but lacks the required support, raising the specter of a fresh general election

In Spain, political gridlock increases likelihood of fresh elections – again

With less than two weeks to go until the investiture vote, the Socialist Party is no closer to a deal as negotiations with the leftist Unidas Podemos remain at an impasse

Acting Spanish prime minister to face investiture vote on July 22

Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party hopes to be voted back into office, despite currently lacking the necessary support from other political groups, including his key partner Unidas Podemos

Catalan separatists unable to take seats in European Parliament

Spain’s election board decides that Carles Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras and Antoni Comín cannot be MEPs because they have not fulfilled a legal requirement to pledge compliance with the Constitution

City Hall deal complicates Pedro Sánchez’s bid to stay in power

The acting prime minister may lose the promised abstention of a pro-Catalan independence party, after the Socialists supported incumbent Mayor Ada Colau in Barcelona

After long wait, Spanish PM is ready for talks to form new government

Pedro Sánchez will meet with opposition leaders after being asked by King Felipe VI to submit to an investiture vote

Congress suspends deputies on trial for role in Catalan independence drive

The four men, who are currently being held in custody while facing charges for their actions in 2017, will from today no longer be parliamentarians, something that could benefit acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez

Row over Catalans’ oaths sets the tone as Spanish Congress convenes

A highly fragmented lower house elects a new speaker, but is more divided than ever over separatist deputies, four of whom are currently being held in custody while on trial

Spanish Congress to suspend jailed Catalan deputies from their seats

The new parliament is convening today, and will likely follow regulatory guidelines against the pro-independence leaders caught up in criminal proceedings