Spanish government and WHO question cancellation of Mobile World Congress

Organizers of the trade fair are citing causes outside their control to avoid paying compensation

Mobile World Congress organizers cite ‘force majeure’ for cancellation

Postponement or a smaller event were also on the table, says GSMA group, which was forced to take the drastic decision on Wednesday given the stream of firms pulling out over coronavirus fears

Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress cancelled as firms drop out over coronavirus fears

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, BT Group and Nokia were among the latest companies to announce that they would not attend the upcoming tech event

Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress overshadowed by coronavirus cancellations

Organizers say the global tech event will go ahead later this month, but as more and more firms drop out, a Friday meeting is likely to determine whether it gets postponed or even axed

Catalan separatists accept new election as “plebiscite” on Article 155

Ciudadanos unsuccessful at crafting preliminary deal bringing together unionist parties in the region

Uniqlo founder: “We want to be bigger than Spain’s Inditex”

Japanese chain opens first store in Barcelona and wants to compete with Amancio Ortega’s Zara

Ada Colau backs bid to keep Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

But social activist and likely new mayor wants more of the revenue to revert to the city

Zuckerberg defends plans for free net access at Barcelona conference

Facebook founder is main draw as Mobile World Congress gets underway in Catalan capital Google, Samsung and others unveil new products and services as four-day event begins

Catalan executive to “assume responsibility” over Sunday vote

With two days to go before alternative self-rule referendum, private groups could take over

Barcelona mayor halts squat demolition after fourth night of rioting

Another 23 people arrested as 3,000 join in renewed protests Residents announce plans to rebuild demolished Can Vies center

Jon Matonis: “The bitcoin will survive”

Economist’s mission is to bring prestige back to currency and convince authorities that it is valid

Zuckerberg: “WhatsApp is already worth more than what we paid for it”

Facebook wIll bring WhatsApp the stability it needs to keep developing its business model

Nokia launches three phones that run Android

"This is not a betrayal of Microsoft," says company manager in Iberia

“In the future, money will be invisible”

PayPal chief David Marcus explains to EL PAÍS where cashless payments are headed

elBulli gets go-ahead from region to build foundation

Super-chef Ferran Adrià’s project needed government approval as it is situated in a protected area

Acclaimed chefs search for plan B

The crisis is forcing top restaurants to look for new ways to woo customers

High-octane water, chicken popcorn and 3D Cava

Barcelona’s Alimentaria food fair is back with its usual array of wacky creations