The US replies to Spain on Venezuela: “We don’t do cowboy diplomacy”

Elliott Abrams, the special representative for the South American country, tells EL PAÍS that there has already been military intervention there by Cuba

Violent attack or peaceful meeting? The two versions of the North Korean embassy raid

Speaking to EL PAÍS, the lawyer of the alleged ringleader insists no violence was used at the Madrid diplomatic mission, and says testimony from Korean staff should not be trusted

Trump congratulates Mexico’s new president: “I look forward to working with him”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a leftist leader, has promised to take a tougher stand against the US

Ambassador, Catalan premier’s speeches canceled at US event after tensions rise

A disagreement over the existence or otherwise of “political prisoners” in Spain ahead of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival saw a walkout at a Wednesday speech and jeers and chants

Trump to Spanish monarchs at the White House: “I will visit Spain”

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have been on a five-day tour in America that has taken them to Louisiana and Texas

America’s gun arsenal

When a 19-year-old with mental health issues went by his old school and massacred 17 people, the debate on gun control flared once more in a country with almost half the civilian firearms in the world. Despite the evidence, here’s why some gun owners won’t budge

In search of the world’s richest woman

L’Oreal heiress Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers and owner of Wal-Mart, Alice Walton, contest the crown

‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s 100 days in a US jail prompts other narcos to seek deals

New York DEA chief says extradition of Sinaloa cartel boss sends message that nobody is safe

IMF raises Spain’s 2017 growth forecast to 2.6% as global economy recovers

New estimate three-tenths of a point above January figure but fund says more labor reform needed

Mental health of ‘El Chapo’ declining rapidly, claims legal team

Lawyers representing drug kingpin, who is awaiting trial in New York, call for better prison conditions

The American ‘cage’ holding the world’s biggest drug lord

‘El Chapo’ Guzmán awaits trial in solitary confinement inside a New York City correctional facility

Trump intervenes to prevent US company relocating to Mexico

Move will save 1,000 jobs at Carrier air-conditioning plant in rust-belt state of Indiana

IMF raises Spain’s growth forecast despite ongoing political stalemate

The economy will expand 3.1% this year and 2.2% in 2017, says the global financial institution

IMF boosts Spain’s short-term economic growth forecast despite nine-month political stalemate

Strong second quarter economic performance increases international optimism over short-term recovery

Asking about pay in job interviews: now illegal in Massachusetts

The state will bar companies from asking interviewees about their compensation history, a practice that perpetuates disparity between men and women

Trump’s broadsides widen rift within the Republican Party

The presidential candidate refuses to endorse top conservative leaders Paul Ryan and John McCain for reelection, straining an already delicate relationship

Warren Buffet to Donald Trump: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

Legendary Wall Street investor slams the Republican candidate and challenges him to release his tax returns

Losing Rocky Balboa’s vote

Clinton fails to connect with working class white men, a demographic embodied by that memorable Philadelphia native

Ted Cruz booed at Republican National Convention after refusing to endorse Trump

Texas senator failed to support the GOP nominee, reopening old wounds within the party

Trump picks ultraconservative Indiana governor as running mate

Mike Pence's job will be to bridge gap with Republican Party

Obama signs Puerto Rico debt-relief bill

The US Territory will now be able to restructure its $70 billion debt

Trump threatens to revoke NAFTA if he becomes president

Trade summit with Canada and Mexico held amid mounting calls for protectionism in the US

His popularity ratings in free fall, Trump tries to reorganize campaign

Will firing controversial chief strategist Corey Lewandowski boost the Republican candidate's chances in November?

Donald Trump goes to war with the press after making veteran donation

Republican candidate puts spotlight on media as he rails against the power of the establishment

Clinton and Trump take convincing victories at New York primaries

Time running out for opponents to catch up to the candidates, who are now clear frontrunners

Ben Bernanke: “The burden is on central banks to help the recovery”

Former Federal Reserve chairman calls for more fiscal stimulus to kickstart US economy

Spain still needs a “sizable fiscal adjustment,” warns IMF

Deficit target miss means more spending cuts may be on the way, but “at a measured pace”