Is War Between the United States and China Inevitable?

International hegemony of the Western powers, namely the US and Europe, could be coming to an end

US Politics

Five Ideas that Trump Killed

Trump has put an end to the idea that corruption and nepotism at the highest levels of government can only flourish in banana republics

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How to Dismantle a Superpower

The New World Order will be defined by those who fill the power gaps left by the United States

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What can Trump learn from Al Capone and Richard Nixon?

What typically brings down people in power is the cover up, not the crime

US Politics

Is Trump Really Crazy?

The president exhibits the classic symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder

Opioid Crisis

Dying white Americans

A new study documents why mortality is higher among poorly educated whites

Arab world

Asphyxiated Arabs

In three years it will be necessary to create 60 million jobs for young people in the region

US Politics

Donald Trump’s three wars... and those that are yet to come

The variety, intensity, vindictiveness, and, at times, the banality of the conflicts coming from Trump are not normal


America’s Second Civil War

Some novels make us feel that situations that today appear to be implausible might not be so far-fetched after all


Who’s lying? You be the judge

Someone is not telling the truth about the death of Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá


Europe, Syria and global warming

The very complexity of 21st-century political structures is making international agreements hard to come by


Long live sanctions!

The irrational and counterproductive US embargo on Cuba is a good example of the failure of such measures


Who is more powerful, Merkel or Murdoch?

The future of Britain in Europe, and that of the EU itself, depends in part on this battle


The world’s most murderous people

Latin America needs action to end the region’s peaceful coexistence with violent crime


Lifesaving missiles

Israel's Iron Dome system not only saved the lives of Israeli civilians, but also prevented the deaths of thousands of innocent people in the Gaza Strip


Have you heard of Malala and Savita?

Their stories show how obscurantism is alive and well at the dawn of the 21st century


The lessons of Obama’s re-election

Money did not determine the result but technology had a huge effect


Do you know what C40 is?

To reach consensus between so many countries, it is necessary to water down the agreements in order to make them acceptable to all


Journalism that changes the world

Only a major news organization like 'The New York Times' could have mounted such a thorough investigation of the Chinese Prime Minister’s wealthy associates


Obama’s secret weapon

In a tight race, data mining may hold the key to the White House


What Chávez inherits from Chávez

The Venezuelan president’s next term will hinge on the economy, his health problems and the battle to succeed him


Who mistreats you the most?

The fiendishly complex modern economy is asymmetrical and skews in favor of sellers, putting the consumer at a disadvantage


Around the world with Martin Wolf

The celebrated analyst holds forth on the euro crisis and prospects for the world's leading economies


What happened last March 28?

Shifting economic and political fortunes lead us to ask what makes a nation grow powerful enough to impose its will on others


Who is in worst shape, Spain or Italy?

Both countries suffer from a lack of competitiveness, but Spanish banks' exposure to a real estate bubble has sparked the first emergency


Why is Europe's crisis not abating?

No one has enough power to impose a solution, while plenty of forces have enough influence to restrict the options available



It is easy to make a fortune when you run the company that makes all the rules