Maduro coin? Venezuela begins pre-sale of new cryptocurrency

The “petro” will be backed by the state’s oil, gold and diamond reserves, according to the president

Venezuela’s Maduro says he will attend regional summit with or without an invitation

Peru withdrew the president’s invite to Summit of the Americas amid concerns over upcoming elections

The failure of Venezuela’s ‘cultural revolution’

Suspension of literary award and cancellation of youth orchestra tour highlight crisis in sector

Torture victims in Venezuela testify to Maduro regime’s brutality

UN condemns “widespread and systematic” use of “excessive force” against political opponents

“I’ve never seen anything like this, a plague has passed through the country”

Protests against the government in Venezuela have seen widespread looting, worsening shortages

Venezuela’s naked protester and other forms of non-violent resistance

Three demonstrators who have become symbols of the struggle against the Maduro regime tell their story

Venezuela’s Maduro orders new tailor-made Constitution written

Move could isolate and wrong-foot opposition, which lacks the regime’s nationwide support structures

Venezuela’s pro-government militias terrorizing opposition protest marches

Civilians accused of working with police and responsible for killings apparently operating with impunity

Ruperta, the starving elephant who’s come to symbolize Venezuela’s crisis

Images of extremely thin animal on social networks prompt outpouring of sympathy and outrage

Venezuela’s divided opposition sits down to talk with government

Leopoldo López’s hardline Popular Will refuses to attend Vatican-sponsored talks

Babies in boxes reveal extent of ongoing crisis in Venezuela

A photo of six newborns in improvised cribs in a hospital has quickly gone viral

Delayed recall referendum in Venezuela pushes elections to 2019

Maduro could go in February plebiscite, but ‘chavismo’ would remain in office through vice-president

Non-Aligned Movement summit in Venezuela overshadowed by crisis

Government locks down host island of Isla Margarita for conference accused of promoting authoritarianism

Vatican accepts mediation role in Venezuela crisis talks

The Venezuelan government must now formally request the participation of the Holy See in the conflict

Venezuelans take to the streets to demand Maduro step down

Opposition leverages discontent with inflation and lack of basic goods, stepping up pressure on government

Venezuela’s hospitals reduced to ‘wartime conditions’

As infant mortality rates soar, doctors tell patients to bring their own medical supplies

Venezuela’s opposition calls for defiance against state of emergency

President Maduro announces “counter-offensive” against foreign “threats”

Crisis in Venezuela has reached “tipping point,” warns opposition

Former Spanish prime minister flies to Caracas as part of mediation mission

Venezuela rules out recall referendum after declaring state of emergency

Opposition insists there are hardliners in ruling party who want to oust President Nicolás Maduro

Daily power cuts raise the tension in embattled Venezuelan city

Residents of Maracaibo have to deal with ransacked businesses, suspended classes and streets under army control

Venezuela changes time zone as energy crisis worsens

Move by President Maduro comes after introduction of four-day working week for government employees

Venezuelan opposition rallies support for amnesty of political prisoners

Lilian Tintori, wife of jailed opposition leader, will tour country under the banner “All for Liberty”

Venezuelan Assembly passes amnesty law to free political prisoners

President Maduro vows to veto a bill that would benefit jailed opposition leader Leopoldo López