The ERE and Gürtel corruption cases: differences and similarities

The ruling today that convicted several Socialist politicians was related to a multi-million-euro fraud scheme, but unlike the scandal that rocked the PP, there was no money laundering nor illegal party financing


Vox leaders in Madrid come under fire for real estate deals

Rocío Monasterio signed floor plans before being a registered architect, and she and her husband sold industrial properties that were used for residential purposes


The future of Spain: five parties, two models

Ahead of the general election on April 28, here is a summary of where each group stands on issues such as taxation, immigration, employment and clean energy

Corruption in Spain

The “cesspit of the Spanish state,” under scrutiny by the courts

Judges are investigating moves by politicians and police officials to find or fabricate damning evidence against political rivals of the Popular Party

Corruption in Spain

Hackers broadcast live stream of police camera at Podemos leaders’ home

The device that had been installed at the house of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero had to be replaced by the Civil Guard after the anti-austerity party was made aware of the intrusion

Catalan secession bid

In Spain, a political storm precedes trial of Catalan independence leaders

The prosecution and the defense’s strategies will hinge on whether any violence was used during the bid for unilateral secession


How Spain’s right-wing parties misled protesters at anti-government march

EL PAÍS debunks four false accusations made against Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in a joint manifesto from the Popular Party, Ciudadanos and Vox


Spanish bank sends letter to employees in wake of spying accusations

BBVA is alleged to have hired retired police chief José Manuel Villarejo to carry out industrial espionage in order to fend off an unwanted shareholder


How the Spanish Catholic Church has been hiding abuse cases for decades

The ecclesiastical leadership in the country refuses to provide any data on the incidents that it is aware of, with just three of the 70 dioceses passing on information to the prosecutor

Corruption in Spain

Púnica corruption investigation extended to 12 city governments

Madrid and Valencia among municipalities under scrutiny as judge widens bid-rigging probe


Growing graft probe hampers PP’s bid for power in key Madrid region

With no majority, the conservatives need help from Ciudadanos in the regional assembly But the emerging party is taking a tough line on corruption before agreeing any pacts


Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato accused of giving children €2.5m to avoid bond

Investigators claim former deputy PM moved shares to dodge civil liabilities payments


Supreme Court upholds dismissal of Tibet genocide investigation

Other China-related case also shelved in wake of changes to universal justice doctrine


Mother who was to send underage twins to Syria to fight jailed by judge

Move comes after arrest of entire family by Civil Guard in Badalona on Tuesday A brother of the two 16-year-olds died last year fighting alongside a jihadist group


As the case goes to trial, who’s who in the Gürtel investigation

Official suspects slapped with civil bonds and fines totalling €449 million That amount is the estimated cost to the public coffers from hundreds of rigged bids


After five years of investigation, judge sets oral trial for 40 Gürtel suspects

Ex-treasurer Bárcenas and former Popular Party minister Ana Mato among those cited


Suspected Púnica ringleader laundered €4.4m via phony invoices

David Marjaliza also claimed to have won the lottery eight times between 2012 and 2014


The truths and half-truths from the State of the Nation Debate

EL PAÍS analyzes the claims and counter-claims made by the PM and the opposition


Popular Party paid for HQ remodeling using €500,000 of unknown origin

Internal audit office says ruling party used €1.5m in off-the-books money to pay for work

Banking Scandal

Caja Madrid board was paid an extra €15 million, says audit

At least 80 percent of over-payments were made to 12 top members of the bank’s board


Gürtel corruption case judge summons Spanish health minister

Magistrate believes Ana Mato “personally profited” from ex-husband’s alleged crimes


The good wives

The treatment of the spouses of corruption suspects in Spain has varied from case to case

Catalan ex-leader Pujol’s youngest son arrested in tax fraud probe

Police carry out simultaneous searches of Oleguer Pujol Ferrusola’s home and businesses

Caja Madrid: a bottomless money pit for Spain’s political parties?

Politicians at the bank were able to use credit cards on undeclared expenses


Referendums lead to poverty, PM warns

Mariano Rajoy's voices thoughts on Scottish independence vote as a warning to Catalonia


15,000 members of Spain’s legal profession could lose their immunity

PP government wants to eliminate “aforamiento” for judges, attorneys and justices of the peace


Minister wants to cut number of public figures with immunity from 17,621 to 22

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón discusses democratic regeneration in wake of high-profile corruption cases