Venezuela’s defense minister admits use of excessive force at protests

General Vladimir Padrino López warns he will tolerate no more such behavior from the National Guard

Two dead in Venezuela as protests spread to government stronghold

Rioting and looting in Barinas, birthplace of Hugo Chávez, after clashes with security forces

Venezuelan health minister who blew whistle over infant deaths sacked

Meanwhile, President Maduro accused by Brazilian publicists of illegally funding Chávez campaign

Health crisis in Venezuela: infant mortality and disease rates are soaring

Official report shows effects of a chronic shortage of medicine and supplies at hospitals and pharmacies

Poop bombs: the Venezuelan opposition’s new weapon

Puputov cocktails are becoming popular on social media, with step-by-step “recipes” available

Video: President Maduro of Venezuela pelted with eggs

Angry crowd turns on embattled leader amid mounting protests organized by opposition

Venezuela closes border with Colombia as cash crisis rolls on

Move comes as president introduces higher denomination bills to combat spiraling inflation

Vatican-brokered talks in Venezuela “frozen,” says opposition

Congress slams President Maduro after US court finds wife’s nephews guilty of drug trafficking

Venezuela opposition rejects Vatican’s offer to mediate in talks

Henry Capriles and others close the door to negotiations that the Church had planned to host

Can Vatican-backed dialogue help bring peace to Venezuela?

Doubts remain about how much the talks can achieve in the strife-torn country

Venezuelans take to the streets to demand Maduro step down

Opposition leverages discontent with inflation and lack of basic goods, stepping up pressure on government

Venezuela moves toward recall referendum against Maduro

Next step to ousting the president is collecting 20% of voters’ signatures

Venezuelan opposition says it has verified recall referendum signatures

National Electoral Council has confirmed verification, bringing plebiscite a step closer

Maduro threatens legal action against Spanish media over “psychological war”

Venezuelan government is accusing Spain of being part of international coalition preparing invasion

Regional airline Latam suspends all flights to Venezuela

Decision by biggest carrier in the Latin America region follows similar moves by Lufthansa, Air Canada and Alitalia

Venezuela’s economy chief resigns after just one month on job

Maduro will announce new economic measures under his emergency decree

Venezuela buys US crude for first time

The country, home to one of the world’s biggest reserves, has purchased 550,000 barrels

Venezuelan assembly set to vote on Maduro’s economic emergency decree

Opposition expected to reject measures despite approval from country’s Supreme Court

Venezuela’s Supreme Court finds opposition-run Assembly in contempt

Decisions by legislative body will be invalid if three deputies are not removed, justices say

Venezuela National Assembly vows to find ways “to change the government”

Speaker of opposition-controlled house sworn in at ceremony attended by independent press

Venezuelan opposition picks new assembly speaker

MUD deputies are scheduled to be sworn in as Maduro government tries to curb their power

Venezuelan Supreme Court admits Maduro’s election challenges

Justices stop four assembly members from taking their seats while it examines cases Opposition says all of its deputies will be on hand when it takes control of house next week

Maduro challenges opposition election victories before top court

If appeal accepted, the swearing in of new National Assembly members will be postponed

Venezuelan opposition wins ‘super majority’ it needs for major reform

Maduro promises to veto any political prisoner amnesty law coming out of new Assembly

Fears rise in Venezuela over Maduro’s reaction to possible electoral defeat

President has ramped up verbal attacks against his critics in recent days He has also started a campaign to galvanize disenchanted voters

Venezuelan opposition groups forced to unite ahead of crucial polls

December 6 elections will put the strength of the MUD coalition to the test

Arrested nephews of Venezuela’s first lady could face life in prison

New York court charges suspects with conspiracy to import narcotics following their capture